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Dohc's Cannaball Run 2021


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I've been wondering where to start a journal from for a while now.

I have been following some amazing journals since I started here at 420mag, and thought who wants to see my grow?

It took some time but I realized that, I follow your grows because it makes my day better and I love the support that is given by so many members . So hopefully you'll like my setup and encourage me to grow better as well.

I run a perpetual grow with Photoperiod plants
I clone almost everything, and I don't really count days or weeks until I flip to 12 hours.

I have started #quadling the latest grows instead of the traditional Christmas trees I was producing when I joined 420 mag.

Strains? Varieties? you ask?
Well lets just say you don't get to buy what you want around this part of the world.

Everything I currently have has been inherited, given to me or is a bag seed.

#1 Space needle, Sativa of medium strength, but social and happy
#2 Ronaldo, Sativa of medium to above medium strength, maybe a hybrid, chilled and mellow.
#3 OG Kush, Indica, I love this plant, I don't know if its a real OG or not but, it is a beautiful mellow ride.
#4 Random no name that i was just given. Sativa , Had a puff of some that wasn't cured fully. Well see...

I have recently made friends with a tame albatross, that likes to deliver things to 420ians around this little country of ours.
I sent him on his way a couple of weeks ago with a little package.
Reports are that he's on his way back and might even be stopping to pickup something else on the way?!!! (so exciting!!!!)

So watch this space. My random collection of inbreeds, Might be getting some star studded companions very soon!!
I've even made space for them today.

Anyway here's some pics of where I'm at this week and a few bits and pieces.

Song for the week.

@DonkeyDick ,@Bionic Chronic NZ ,@VetSmoke85 ,@Stunger Plus many many more!

Thankyou !!!!:green_heart::thanks:
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:high-five: Good on ya mate! Awesome start. Already in third gear before the flag dropped.
Welcome to your whare away from whare. Best collection of bods on the interweb right here. (Now you’ve shown up).
With a roar and a hiss (they are the sounds of the torch on this dab)
Here for the ride, Dohc.
On it like a bonnet.


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Holiday here today so I decided to give the mother's a final resting place.
The soil here is horrible so I dug a decent trench and back filed with some used Canna pro ( some how I have quite a bit hanging around) :laugh:
I covered the Canna with clay so it doesn't look so obvious from a distance.
I know it's a bit late in the season for these girls to do much but I need some space down stairs and I'll be happy enough with some Kush seeds for the future.

T2 is the last grow that was infected with spider mites.
They are stunted and the buds are tiny.
Probably should have ditched the lot but hind sight....
Any tips on boosting the shinny stuff?

Hope you're having a good day. :thumb:


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Cool photos, man. Nice work covering your tracks in the clay.
I missed something with this one..
I know it's a bit late in the season for these girls to do much but I need some space down stairs and I'll be happy enough with some Kush seeds for the future.
Where are the boy bits?
And yes - any bud is good bud in a pinch. And we’ve been in a few of those, haven’t we buddy?
Any tips on boosting the shinny stuff?
I saw before and afters on mine that made one thing worthwhile. The simplest useful advice I got on an effective thing was from @MrX who adds a pinch of myco to the water every time. Try that. (He suggested ⅛tsp/gallon - just a pinch).
There’s a head of steam building up behind another idea. Resin boosting by drought stress at the end of flower. There are some finicky details to it and it’s not for the squeamish. I’m not caught up on the cutting edge, but our man @Maritimer is all over this in his Rezinization thread. On the times I’ve been able to get it to work I’ve been super impressed!


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@Stunger was writing about drought stress as well recently.
I'll definitely check out my favourite Seamans posts as well. :reading420magazine::laugh2:
Definitely check out @Maritimer as he's carried out a lot of quality research on drought stress for increased potency.


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BTW has anyone else had trouble uploading pics today??

I can't use either the embed or attach files feature.
I had no problem a couple of hours ago.
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