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Dolomite lime vs hydrated lime


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I found a soil mix recipe that calls for dolomite lime. I went to the local garden store today and they only had hydrated lime so I got that. Will it work the same as dolomite lime? Can anyone tell me what the difference is?


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I can't give you all the science, but hydrated has been chemically altered and is super hot.

Dolomite is just ground up limestone, period.

I did see dolomite lime that had been hydrated in 100# bags at the TSC last spring. Almost bought it till I saw it had been hydrated.

Keep looking, HD or Lowes usually has Dolomite Lime or Garden Lime, especially in the spring.



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Dolomitic Lime (calcium-magnesium carbonate) is the primary choice for agricultural applications. It is slower acting and almost non-caustic in comparison to Hydrated Lime (calcium oxide), which is far more caustic and can burn roots if used incorrectly. It also contains magnesium, which is an essential micro-nutrient.


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Thanks for the info guys! I'll have to look again at HD and Lowes. I think I might have seen some there but it looked granulated instead of powdered. It didn't say on the package. What do you think about the difference between those?


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Powdered is preferable, but granulated will work just fine! :)

I'm not trying to be a prick, but you have used granulated horticultural limestone meant for lawns, succesfully outside ?
Most bags will have the particulate size on the side. Lawn lime has only 30% pass through a 100 mesh screen, 100% on a 10 mesh screen, with 12% mag.and 21% calcium.( usually/sometimes).
The lawn lime's bigger granuals dissolve slower then powdered dolomitic lime.
So it depends too on how badly you need the lime.
If you need alot immediatly, use the powdered.
It depends on the soil acidity of your site surroundings.
What kinds of plants grow around your site?


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You can use hydrated lime if you do it this way. get a profile of the hole or spot you wish to use. If you find the PH is 5 then you mix hydrated lime with 2 to 4 gallons of water until the Ph of the water is 8.5. Slowly dump the well mixed water and lime over the place you need done and let it drain down through the ground. You will find even after a day the ph will have moved up to 6 and in a week it will be 6.5 to 7...very usable. I prefer 7 as the fertilizers I use will bring 7 down to 6.5 and that is a perfect PH for pot. A cup full of hydrated can do a hole 2 1/2 feet square and just over 2 feet deep. Before planting add 1 and 1/2 cups of 7-7-7 lawn ferts or even 10 5 5. Something not overwhelming. I also give Miracle grow just after transplanting to get a goos start boost. If there is any black dirt in your neutralized hole it can only help. Good luck.
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