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Dominant Strains


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Does anyone have the slightest idea how the dominance of a particular strain can influence the way the plant grows? Example, I got some Purple Kush seeds from cropking seeds and they have written up 65% Indica 35% Sativa. Can the plants end up being sativa dominant even though the Indica side should be dominant? I've included some pics to illustrate my idea/point.




I swear the light was no more than 8" above these plants at all times. They are not stretching for the light.

Calyx Hunter

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Not to be too much of a buster but they do look like they are stretching for light. Do you see how far there is between internodes? It looks like there are nodes with 5-6" spacing.

What type of lamp, ballast and hood are you using? Is the lamp new?

Is the hood air cooled? If so, is the glass perfectly clean?

In answer to your question the Indica/Sativa percentages should be pretty reliable if obtained through a reputable dealer or trustworthy clone supplier. Therefore a 65% I and 35% S will probably have some stretching like a Sativa. Since it is a hybrid you will get more stretching than a 100% Indica but less stretching than a 100% Sativa. How much stretching that actually ocurrs will more likely depend on environmental conditions.

I hope this helps answer your question Chinnubie

much respect


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The lamps are brand new right out of the box exactly 1 week apart because we didn't think there was enough light with just one and CFL's. They started out bushy only 18"-24" when I began 12/12. They just kept getting closer and closer and I didn't want them to burn. A couple of nights they grew 3" in less than 12 hours.

Calyx Hunter

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I think you may have your facts skewed. Cropkingseeds says Purple Kush is 75% Indica and the plant is short in stature. Are you sure you are growing Purple Kush? Those are very tall plants for an Indica dominant.

Ok so you said your lamps are right out of the box, what brand of lamp, ballast and hood are you using?
Hopefully it is a pulse start lamp with an electronic ballast. I'm guessing the hood is aircooled as you said you had it no higher than 8" from the tops. Is the glass in the hood perfectly clean.

150 watts is very small and you'll need to maximize everything to get quality light to grow from. They only output ~ 16,000 lumens.

A 600 Watt HPS put out ~ 90,000

One of two things is possibly happening here:

1. you got a Sativa dominant pheno of Purple Kush somehow (unlikely)

2. your plants are stretching for light


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Sorry, didn't mean to confuse. What you said is right on the money. I think cropking goofed and sent the wrong order or put the wrong seeds in the wrong package or something along those lines because at 75% indica those plants aren't showing. There are 2 150 watt hps so I'm throwing out 32,000 lumens for 3 plants in less than 6 sq ft. I got them online from Sun Systems the bulb was included there is no glass, they are not air cooled and they have an electronic ballast.


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Thank you. This tells me I'm not the only one, to which this may have happened. I have 3 more PK so maybe those will be different along with all of the lessons I've learned here.

Calyx Hunter

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That kind of sucks. I'm wondering what strain you could've gotten. I would think that seeds being so small would easily get mixed up. Especially because the seeds themselves all look the same. What would be a surprise is if they turn purple. They really do like they are way more on the Satuva dominant side. I'd say 75% Sativa is more like what you got.


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They really do like they are way more on the Satuva dominant side. I'd say 75% Sativa is more like what you got.

Agree completely, you got some nice sativa-dominant plants growing here.
How does it look when you compare an indica with a sativa? They are completely different, like here.

100% sativa

100% indica
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