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Dominic's 2nd Grow Grease Monkey, Bag Seed, & Hi-Biscus Fem Seeds Outdoor


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Hey everyone, starting my second grow journal.

Just started so we’ll keep it simple.

Found a seed in some Grease Monkey that was given to me, planted it in some potting soil and it seemed a little slow to surface but it is now pointing straight up toward the light and seems to be growing okay.

Today I bought some Hi-Biscus feminized from Humboldt Seed Company at the local dispensary. I planted two seeds in 2/3 seed starter mix, 1/3 native soil, mixed in some sure start and watered them in. (This method seemed to work the best for me first go around)

I will have them under my agrobrite 96W 2’ 4 bulb light with 4 6400K spectrum bulbs for the first three weeks. My plan is to grow them under 18/6 until they outgrow the light and will be moved outside.

Stay tuned to see how these turn out!! :headbanger:


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The wife wanted to start a plant of her own so she dropped a Hi-Biscus Feminized seed in some seed starter mix with some potting soil and sure start. My neighbor also traded me one of his feminized slurricane x gmo seeds so I dropped that seed in a pot as well.

So to bring this journal up to date we have:

1 Grease Monkey bag seed in soil 9 days from germination.

3 Feminized Hi-Biscus(Blueberry Muffin x Zkittles) from Humboldt Seed Co in germination

1 Feminized Slurricane x GMO in germination


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You guys know if fem seeds are always bigger than regular seeds? Or does it depend on the strain? Cuz these fem seeds I bought are at least twice the size of the regular seeds I bought

No not bigger my friend. That depends on which strain you grow. Different strains have different sized seeds. Maybe there is a correlation somewhere. Anyways, I'm tuning in fella :popcorn:


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Other than the cotyledons getting slightly burnt on the tips of the grease monkey (bag seed) it seems to be growing nicely.

Also, the first feminized Hi-Biscus seedling to surface was slightly showing when I got home from work today but not quite opened up toward the light yet. Seems pretty fast for starting germination Friday afternoon. It’s not an auto either. But I’m still very new to growing from seed so maybe it’s typical of certain varieties/conditions. Kept em in the closet and it get up to a high of about 80 degrees with the light on and a low of about 72 degrees with lights off. So it stays pretty warm


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Following! Our plants seem to be going about the same time.


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Hey y’all another day off so I’m posting an update of how the new seeds are doing

15 days since I dropped the Grease Monkey Bag seed.

5 days since I dropped the first 2 Hi-Biscus feminized seeds.

And 4 days since my wife dropped her feminized Hi-Biscus and the Slurricane x GMO seed that I dropped.

Here’s a few pics


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@DonkeyDick doing okay. There’s been a lot of extremely hot days so just trying to keep em as happy as they can be


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