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Donaldd's First 2015 MMJ Indoor Grow - 150W CFL


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-This is my first grow, so if you see anything that i overlooked, or am wrong about, please tell me!
I already started my journal in a notebook, and since my plants arent near my computer, this journal isnt as accessible as paper and a pen. With that being said, Ill try to be as detailed as possible on this as I am on paper.-

Strains: Jucy Fruit (3), XXX (1), Aurora (4)

Indica/Sativa: JF: Sativa dominant hybrid, XXX: Indica, Aurora: Indica

Life Stage: Juicy Fruit and XXX are seedlings, Aurora is germinating

JF: sprouted 2/27/2015, XXX sprouted 3/20/2015

in/outdoor: Indoor grow currently, but i will be building a greenhouse while theyre growing.

Soil: Gardner & Bloome Potting Soil - Peat moss, bark, earthworm castings, perlite, chicken manure, kelp meal

Light: 45W CFL soft white(says its equivalent to 150W and 2800ish lumens) in a 1x1 area

Cabin Temp: 68-72 degrees inside grow room

RH: pretty low, ive never tested it though

Water Ph: 7-7.3

Runoff water pH: 7.8

Pests: Had soil mites, and fungus gnats for a few days. Now i bake my soil to kill the eggs.(poor storage of soil outside) A spider crushed one of my JF seedlings before its second leaves.

Watering: 2 times per day, Lightly mist 3 times per day

Ferts/nutes: G&B Citrus/fruit tree 8-4-2

will post pics asap :thumb:


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Re: Donaldd's First 2015 MMJ Indoor grow |150W CFL

Yesterday I applied Granulated gypsum and a pinch of 8-4-2 nutes to my soil, because my tips were burning and the leaves yellowing. i dont know why i added nutes, but i did it, and my plants werent too happy about it. The tips started clawing, BUT the leaves turned to a healthier shade of green. They were very light green for a week or so.

here is my most flourishing Juicy Fruit seedling. i had to begin her under a basking light. surprisingly the root system is great!
Transferred her under a CFL on 3/27,a month after sprouting.

Rough measurements: 6.5 cm tall, 5 cm wide.

Signs of Nitrogen toxicity are getting worse with the seedlings i added nutes to(probably way too early anyways).
I added a pinch of 8-4-2 nute on 3/31(yesterday) at 11 am. its 8pm now, the leaves are yellower.

Run off pH was 7.5. Soil pH is 7.2+.

XXX Seedling: This one has a root system twice as long as she is tall.
Started under a t5 on 3/20, transferred to CFL on 3/29 at 2:30pm

rough measurements: 5 cm tall, 3.75 cm wide


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Planted the first Aurora seed today!:rasta:

Some plants are yellow still, JF1 even more so, but it seems each time i add gypsum, it helps.
My light is very close, probably 7 inches away. Im using a 45w cfl (equivalent to 150W)

I did see lots of growth today, specifically on juicy fruit 1, 2 and the xxx seedling.

Heres juicy fruit 1's stem. I love seeing those marks haha

Juicy fruit 2

Juicy fruit 3 has been stunted for a while, but its roots are growing slowly, so i put it under the t5 instead of the cfl, hoping that maybe it will enhance the root growth. Ive given it nutrients, it lightened up a bit. Small roots for being so old, just very small in general.

I also found a mushroom growing in its soil today. I cut small side holes in the bucket for the roots to get more oxygen

XXX seedling grew some fingers yesterday. its a pretty plant.

9:00am- water + spray
5:00pm- light water + spray
9:00pm- water + spray
9:30pm- cut off JF 1&2 dead cotyledons
10:00pm- + 5 pinches of gypsum
Transfer JF 3 to t5 fluoro


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I read somewhere that maybe their roots arent developed enough for their size. It makes sense , I had them under a basking light for a few weeks.
Just transferred all of them to the t5 light.


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Subbed ! Never grown, and just started myself but from what I've heard I thought the PH was better at 5-5.5 when seedling then moving up to 6-6.5 when the plant has slightly matured, might improve root growth ?

thanks!:high-five: Yea, that makes sense that my plants feel sick then, ive been baking my soil to kill bugs... maybe its taking necessary nutes out of it.
ive got a little ways to go on pH, its at 7.6 right now, but steady adding granular and powdered gypsum to the soil


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I apologize for all my pics being sideways, i never remember that this website does that, and i will adapt now.
Over the last few days i built a grow box. I added a top vent, i will be adding a pc fan soon.

equivalent to 400W, 7450 Lumens total, 2800 lumen red spectrum,4650 lumen blue spectrum.
RH is around 58%, about 5-10 degrees warmer than the outside air(could be a good and bad thing)

I transferred my plants from the CFL bulb at 5 inches away, to my new box which is more like two feet away, at around 3pm. At 7pm they were already showing signs of lowered light stress, stopped yellowing and burning, turned darker actually healthy green.

XXX is looking super healthy. Her roots are super long and wide. first fingers are growing nicely.

Run off pH 7.4
RH 58%
soil temp 78F
cabin temp 80F+
outside air temp 76F
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Over the last couple days, since i put them in the box, all my plants all grew these small vertical limbs at the bases of their leaves. I assume theyre just new limbs right?

The stunted one's grew larger, which surprised me!

I changed some of the soil in this one this morning, i noticed that in a previous transplant, i broke a third of the root system. BUT, looking at the other roots have been growing quite a bit, but no foliage growth at all.

It hasnt grown foliage for weeks.

The XXX seedling grew the limbs too. What are these called?


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that's the nodes man stems are gonna come off there


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Bought and installed an external USB PC fan and a vent last night! Now my lovely females have some circulation!

"Thermaltake external usb cooling fan"
Its a stand alone fan with a stand, it came with a usb plug AND a built in speed control knob.
$15 at fry's electronics
5v dc
Max 47 CFM

Heres my ventilation, its some sort of a/c piece.

I drilled holes in it to vent more of the heat. Without the fan, it really does nothing.
It has bulges on the sides to keep it held in the hole with friction.

Grow box complete:rollit:
4 feet tall
3 feet wide
2'8" deep
$175 total

45% humidity
78 degrees

We'll see how much they benefit from it soon!:)


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The first Aurora seed sprouted today. Im gonna keep all my plants at 24/0 until the newly sprouted seedlings are a little larger.
As for the other aurora seeds... I put a ball of moist soil in a moist towel and put my seed in there, then put it in my grow box. 2/6 germinated in the cups.

All of my juicy fruot seeds were bag seed, and 6/6 survived cup germ, then i killed a few.


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Frequently my family finds me hunched over in my box watching the leaves grow ... Its actually the only source of light in my room, and its pretty warm.

While watching them grow, i notice xxx is growing a new leaf set, and is getting pretty large.

Here is Aurora #1, gonna make a different journal for them, so this may be the only pic of an aurora plant on this thread


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My XXX seedling has clawed serrations, its growing well with no burn.
But theyre symmetrical as if its a trait of the strain.The fourth serration on one side of two leaves is more clawed/twisted than the rest.
Anybody grow this strain before and know if its just a normal trait??



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It happened after i watered and sprayed, i guess the humidity was too high to have the traps standing up.
Earlier this week this plant contracted fungus fnat syndrome. I think it was meant to be.
The new stem bent, the whole plant was kinked, pushed in, who knows how the roots look when i pulled the leaves off without realizing it'd pull the plant's leaves off :(
Im having a bad week.... But i feel that since all this bad juju is coming my way, soon hopefully it will be replaced with a better plant.

No other plants were affected thankfully.

I dont know if i should continue growing her.
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