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Don't Let Them Shut Out Patients

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Much has happened in the last couple of weeks! After two weeks of hot debate in the press, things are looking up for a discussion of regulated production and distribution of medical marijuana in New Mexico. But to make sure that state officials do the right thing, they need to hear from us!!

The controversy began when Attorney General Gary King released a brief letter to the New Mexico Department of Health stating his office would not protect state employees from federal prosecution for implementing the medical marijuana program. Read more about the impact of the Attorney General's statement.

In response to the letter from the Attorney General, the Department of Health stated that they would not subject their employees to federal prosecution and therefore would not follow through with the rules and regulations regarding production and distribution of medical cannabis for registered patients. The medical marijuana law, which you helped get through the state legislature earlier this year, directs the Department of Health to develop a state-licensed production and distribution system by October 1.

The following day, Governor Richardson directed the Department of Health to fully comply with the state's medical marijuana law and design a system to help patients access medical cannabis.

We need to ensure the Department of Health continues to discuss all options for designing the best system to help patients access medical cannabis. And we need to show the Governor and remind the public that 75% of New Mexicans support this law!

Why is it so important that we continue this discussion of production and distribution in New Mexico? The answer is simple - it's the right thing to do for patients. Every other state that has passed medical marijuana legislation has struggled with the issue of supply. Patients deserve a safe, consistent supply of medication that is effective for their health condition(s). State officials have the right to freely discuss options for the production and distribution of medical marijuana, and keeping the discussion going keeps patients, not legal issues, at the center of the program.

Here's what you can do:

Email or call the Governor and thank him for his support of a licensed medical cannabis system and ask him to make sure that the Department of Health discusses options for developing a production and distribution system for medical cannabis patients. Click here to email the Governor. Or call the Governor's office at (505) 476-2200.

What to say to the Governor:

"Thank you for directing the Department of Health to design a system to help patients access medical cannabis. I support a state-licensed production and distribution system that will guarantee registered patients have access to a safe, secure supply of their medicine."

You can also submit a letter to the editor emphasizing the importance of implementing a state-licensed production and distribution system for medical cannabis. Please feel free to use any information in this email or refer to our medical marijuana website for more specific information on the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, and the new Medical Cannabis Program.

Writing a "Letter to the Editor"

Letters to the editor are an important part of being a citizen advocate, and can have a great effect on public opinion and policy. Once you have drafted a letter, send it in to all local newspapers including dailies and weeklies. The more newspapers you send it to, the better the chances of having your letter published. Here are some tips on writing a letter to the editor:
Keep your letter short and concise. 250 words should be the maximum length.
Stay on message. State the issue that you are concerned about; refer to specific legislation when possible; and state what action should be taken.
Write in simple language. Editors are looking for letters that a large audience will understand.
Sign your letter. Newspapers will not publish letters that are not signed
Provide contact information at the bottom of your letter. This will only be used for the newspaper to verify that you are indeed who you say you are. They do not publish personal contact info.

Thank you for taking action on this important issue for medical marijuana patients and our state!

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