Door ideas for home made grow box


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I'm in the process of building a home made grow box. Its going to be fairly simple soil grow set up. Using CFLs and no vetalation at first(once i get some cash i will install intake and outtake fans with home made carbon filter.)

I need ideas on diffrent types of doors that allow easy access and good stealth

All ideas are welcome, thanks for your help!!!!
I saw this idea on one of those new Vivosun fully automated grow boxes (like 600 bucks ouch!). It had "two ply" door system, and I thought it would be a useful tip for DIY'ers.

You have the door of the box itself, but there was a thick (about 2mm) but pliable soft clear plastic sheet behind the door (like the plastic they use for the windows in a tent), and cut in the same size and shape as the door. However the edges of the clear plastic was edged in magnetic tape, which snugly fitted to the magnetic tape edged around the door opening. So it had two doors, one to keep the environment stable, and one to block out light.

Because grow boxes are inherently small, when you open up the door to check on your girls, you destroy the climate inside, which then has to build back up. But the second "clear door" lets you look inside without disturbing the environment. Then you can just peel it away only when you really need to get inside?

Personally I like the cardboard grow boxes, Amazon sends me more than enough of them lol. If you get a washer/dryer or fridge box, that's an easy and strong grow tent right there. For stealth the best one I've seen was loads of random boxes all stacked in different sizes against a wall like brickwork, they looked over stressed and old. But they were all glued solidly together, and the door was just cut out after they were all glued, then hollowed out. So closed it looked like the typical pile of crappy boxes no one wants to deal with. Then when the door cracked open, it was a super bright grow box with a massive plant in it. I was impressed to say the least.

Sorry for goin on a bit, it was a wake n bake situation lol.
And I just realized the date on this thread, Doh! Sorry for the Necro.
Hey, it's a great idea, anyway! :thumb:

I like the magnetic seal. I have an odd-shaped space I've been trying to figure out how to use. That'd make things a lot easier.
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