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Dopy’s High Brix Cannabis 2019


Plant of the Month: Sept 2018
Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Ok some pics from last night,

The Malawi looks like it is out of gas, the buds are small and immature, and leaves are turning crispy. :hmmmm: Not sure what I will change on my next run of her, maybe later Cat drenches, 2nd recharge, more or less drench concentration, etc. Also not sure if my training stunted her. The only way I’ll know is to run her again.

The Cherry Cookie haze is almost done, smells like cherrys for sure, and is very oily/greasy.

Panama 1 and 2 are almost done and a little different looking from each other.

Pan 1

Pan 2

And the Golden Pineapple’s

#1 under the light is definitely a little more frosty, but hard to capture on the camera. The trichromes are half cloudy/ clear on both of them, just that #1 trichromes are bigger, and more numerous. Seems the light intensity helps plump up the gland heads, at least a bit quicker. But the test is far from over, I still need to compare many more things, ending in taste and effect


Have a great day!


Plant of the Month: Sept 2018
Looking good DL. What is your humidity? The Malawi and Panama like higher humidity. I try to run Panama strains in the summer when I can achieve 55-60% humidity. Panama get crispy pretty quick in lower RH, same with Malawi. It will still turn out great though.
Yeah all winter it has fluctuated between 35 and 55%, I’m gonna run her again for spring/summer, and hopefully see her improve.
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