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Dosing coconut oil with trimmings


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Hey all,

I tried to find a recipe online but the ones I found all were made using 7-14 grams of buds. I couldn't find any using trim. Before I attempt making gummies with infused coconut oil, does anyone here make coconut oil with trim and if so, what ratio?

The trim is from a really good quality purple punch plant and I've got quite a bit of it. I don't want to high dose people but I do need a dosage that will work for everyday smokers with a pretty good tolerance.



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I'm no expert or even knowledgeable for that matter but I don't think you could get it too strong. I would possibly decarb in the oil for 1.5 hours at about 225 F and then let percolate for another 2 - 3 hours at about 175. Start with about 1 cup of Coco add 1 tablespoon of lecithin and add as much weed as the oil will hold. That's what I do anyway.
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