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Double SuperLocker Procyon 100 Grow


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Well I originally posted this in the growroom design page when I was planning my setup. When I started the grow I continued to post there but since the grow is in effect I decided to repost my last post here and continue from there. Hope I am not breaking any rules.

Because this is the first post in the actual journal let me kind of give you a little background info.

Synopsis of Plan
This is my first grow I officially started on the 2nd of March. I am using two SuperLockers (2.0 & 3.0 version) and two Procyon 100's to veg my plants in and then I plan to transfer them to a 4x4 tent (5x10 in the future) for flowering using a Procyon 300 (Hopefully two in the future).

The Superlocker 3.0 was bought new from a site out of state and I picked up the unit at the factory to keep from paying state taxes. I purchased the 2.0 used from a guy off craigslist and upgraded it with the t-5 lighting and a Procyon 100. I am also going to upgrade the carbon filter. Pics indicated as SL#1 is the Superlocker 3.0 & SL#2 Superlocker 2.0 version.

SuperLocker Lighting
One Procyon 100 & two t-5 florecents for each unit.

Hydro System
In the tent I am still considering which option to go with. I am considering the Big Boy Hydro System 12 bucket system (18 buckets in the future). As I mentioned above I am inexperienced so if you have any input on this system please let me know. I I was looking into originally getting BubbleFlow Buckets made by Supercloset but they are too expensive for a 12 or 16 bucket setup. I was also considering the C.A.P. Ebb & Grow system because I could get 18 2 gallon pots for about 500.00 but it seem like I found one site for the 18 bucket system for 384.00 Then I found out some of the problems people were having with those and learn about the similar but improved version of the system The Big boy system equipped with 3 1/2 gallon post and sells for 519.00 for the 18 3.5 gallon set or even better would be the Class 5 model 12 5 gallon bucket for 569.00.

What does the ebb and grow system do that the bubble buckets dont and vice versa?

I am trying to figure out the difference between the 2 kinds of systems. If the Big Boy system doesn't have the aeroponics would it be hard to add?

Even more important for me in deciding the system I will use for flowering is how will I determine the amount of water kept in Big Boy's 55 gallon reservoir. Its strange to me when I calculate "Big Boy System upgraded to 18 pots (18 x 3.5 gallon buckets = 63 gallons) or "Class 5 System" upgraded to 12 pots (12 x 5 gallon buckets = 60 gallons) More than the 55 gallon reservoir.

Does this mean I will literally have to replenish the 55 gallon reservoir everyweek? Do you need to fill this to 55 gallons because if so I could not afford the Advanced Nutrients I have chosen as my nutes. This is something I really need to calculate as I am trying to determine how much nutrients I am going to need but I know I can't afford to refill a 55 gallon barrel with new nutrients every week at least not until I recoup some of the initial cost.

Grow Tent (Flower Room) Lighting
The flower room for now will have 1 Procyon 300 and hopefully I will upgrade to 2 in the near future. Each light covers approximately 25 sqft. So when I upgrade my 4x4 to a 5x10 I will have appropriate lighting for two 300's.

For my plants I chose clones because time is of the essence. 1 Blue Dream, 9 Blueberry Kush, and 4 Girl Scout Cookies clones.

And finally let's get to the grow...

The Grow

I also am going to be I ran into a couple of setbacks but the project continues to move forward. The two Superlockers (SL #2 & #1 backwards respectively) are up & running. I've purchased and placed a total of 14 clones inside SL# 1 &2 veggie chambers. 1 Blue Dream, 4 Girl Scout Cookies, & 9 Blueberry Kush.

Initially the first plant I purchased, the Blue Dream, was placed in the cloner section of SL#1 because of I didn't know what to do with it at the time, lol. A couple of days later I purchased the other clones all in soil and plastic cups. When I brought these home I placed them along with their cups inside the veggie chamber of the 2 SL's to get them adjusted to the new environment and the Procyon LED's. Big mistake was seen the next morning when I realized I had the damn LED's too low. I guess 4-5" above the plant is not too wise huh? Well I corrected this mistake but it was obvious there was some leaf burn issues.

My SL's are stored in a storage area where it gets pretty cold at night. Well on the 2nd night the internal temperatures of the SL's was in the mid 50's. I tried several stupid things to solve this problem. I won't mention them all just a few like, blowing hot air from a hair blow dryer through the vents, placing some regular house lightbulbs inside the unit (got more burn issues from that), or placing both Procyon and a 150 watt HID in each unit (Can someone say burn it after it is grows and not while its growing)!

In between those stupid things I did do a couple of things that made sense like, finding the locations where the cold air was coming in and blocking them, insulated the bottom of the unit from cold air. Because the lockers sit directly on concrete the steel gets just as cold as the concrete. I thought about elevating them to get them off the ground but 2nd thoughts made me think of California Earthquakes and the units tipping over. Moving on after doing this the temps in both units were 60f & 61f respectively. By what I read, and I remind you this is my first grow, the temps should be 65-75f for plants in this phase. So I fired up a 150 watt HID light and placed it right in front of the 2 SL's and voila. Temps were just right about 68f so I even removed the socks I had stuffed in all of the air vents to block air lol.

Well by the 3rd day I transplanted all of the plants from soil to hydro but only turned on the aeroponics and not the drip or sprayer thing.
When I was transplanting the plants from soil to hydro, I found a sprout growing in the container that had one of the GSC clones. Could be anything but I was able to get that little sucker's 1/16" root and place her in some neutral ph water soak rockwool and threw her azz in the cloning chamber. Well its been two days now and it (whatever it is) is loving life so far. I can't tell what kind of plant it is but hopefully it will be another Girl Scout Cookie. Check the picture and tell me what you think.

On the forth day I changed the water and added my first dosage of nutes. Did I mention that this was the first day that I tested the ph. Oh My! the water in all the reservoirs were at about 7.5. So needless to say adding the nutes and checking my ph that day really showed on day 6. At this point I am only have the Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Sensi Part A & B but I am going to purchase the Hobbyist level next week or so. I purchased the Sensi Part A & B because I do not have time to keep checking PH levels, water temperatures, humidity etc... all that stuff you experts or anybody else who has some sense is doing. Because time is of the essence, the more I can automate the better and not having to worry about ph is all the better. I really need to invest more money into temperature monitoring equipment. Anyone know where I can get a good deal on those 24/7 meters that reads tds, ppm, and ph?
I guess I need something to measure water temperatures too. it would be nice to have just one unit or a couple of units but they have to be protable and easy to take from SL#1 to SL#2, and the tent. Where do you guys get this stuff and how much is it? Some of the ones I have seen cost hundreds of hundreds of dollars.

Moving forward to the present day, Day 6 it appears that most of my plants suffered some sort of leaf burn besides the one Blue Dream who spent it's beginnings in the cloning chamber and the little sprout now in the cloning chamber. Regardless of the burns I notice new growth has appeared on all of the plants with a really nice green color. That's about the best thing thats happen to these plants since I bought them.

That is pretty much where I am with the grow for now I will post pictures but need some help so please read on.

I still need some advice on a few things concerning the design of my setup, hopefully someone will help. As you can see from my pics my lockers are placed side by side. i would like to purchase a co2 bottle, regulator, solenoid, and timer but is there a dual output regulator or device I can purchase? I've seen dual tank regulators but I do not want two tanks but one tank with a regulator that can distribute to two different units. Any suggestions? I seen one listed for beer kegs but I assume that would not work or will it. And if it can, can I still plug up a solenoid and timer to automate this product. If anyone knows of such a product please share.

As far as my pictures they are probably going to really be out of order as I am trying to upload and I think I uploaded the first pictures last and vice versa. Also have been using 2 different cameras so the sequence of events may not be adequately depicted from the picture order.

Doesn't look like none of the newer pictures uploaded or maybe Iexceeded the mb limit. Whatever the case I will figure it out later and re-post time to hit the sack.


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was up dude
looks like you off to a great start
you are taking on a massive undertaking
The An nutes are strong , very easy to burn or under feed it took me 3 grows with 3- 4 site systems to learn .
Might I suggest with the AN ph perfect line, as this is your first grow , start with just base nutes ,I love the seni 2part, grow and bloom, wait till the second to start adding the high yeild kits. this gives you time to dial in the rest of the equipment/room and get a base # for yield,If you talk to an they will tell you the same thing
As for the system those kits are great out of the box,
this is the link to 1 of my grows that could help
420 Magazine ®
check this guy out

Part 2
Soil - Hydro - 2400w Led - 2000w HPS - 8 Strains - 1 GPW+
he uses like 18 5 gals on a 20 gallon res
If you got any questions I will do my best to send you in right direction


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Yes sometime I am questioning myself if I'm in over my head. For instance I am coming up on my second week of veg and I know there will be things I need to do soon like top off my plants. I read that some people start cropping, net trellis thingy, and doing other stuff to maximize but I am unsure and kinda lost on what and when I should do what.

I totally agree with you on the AN nutes. Right now I am only using Sensi Grow A & B. Plan to pick up B-52 and Voodoo Juice this payday along with Sensi Bloom A & B in preparation for flowering. The stuff is ridiculously expensive. I am still wondering what I am going to do when I purchase the new system for flowering (because I pretty much decided on either the CAP 18 2 gallon buckets or Big Boy System with 18 3 1/2 gallon buckets). Both systems have the 55 gallon reservoir so I'm looking at 3 liters each a week of Sensi Bloom A & B alone. How do AN users afford this? Do these system have to be changed out every week?

I read through your journal. Those beginning pages your pics of your plants had leaves so big the plant couldn't support it Wow! And some of your later pics had very short bushy as hell plants. Nice job. What was your yield on that grow? Also did you pick up a bigger reservoir? If so what capacity and how much nutes do you use a week?

I also read through the other journal you from the link you provided. Very interesting. I think I smoked one and sat down to start reading it and 4 hours later I was still flipping through his journal. Good stuff. I wonder how much nutes he uses.

I had another question. I have a TDS meter but what should the reading be and if it is high or low do I correct by diluting with water or adding more nutes?

Everybody can chime in: What would be the appropriate action for me to take coming up on week 2 of veggin'? Besides praying.

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Kiss _keep it stupid simple.:3:

The first thing I am thinking is start smaller , say 6 plants,get 2 full grows in, then go crazy!
The AN nutes= I repeat from earlier , the senci 2 part Is all you need to grow awsome plants,

The ph perfect lines are formulated in stages (1, base,2 beginer and so on). If you add one part of the next stage you will need to check ph/ppm daily and adjust.

I have faith in An that the only time I check ppm and ph is mid week. first day res change. ph ( in my specific conditions) 5.9 with nutes, and ppm= 1300. I have gone as high as 1900
My 4 bucket system holds 22 gals and on average I add 5 galons about 1/2 way through week,
I add nutes day after res change and only add water to the res
The link I sent <jon705, I believe uses BPN( blue planet nutes), The creator of these nutes is on this site. he is awsome to work with.
From what I have seen a great product.
At week 2 of veg just sit back and relax .


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Well Im in my next week here and things were looking great until I just took a look at the plants after their wake up time and notice a moldy looking substance on the leaves of at least 4 plants. Some worse than others but I do not know for sure what it is but it does resemble mold. Gonna post the clear pics of the mold. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction to get this fix.



Other than the moldy leaves everything else seems to be ok. The plants that were burnt appear to be bouncing back really nice the new grow has bright and vibrant looking leaves. I just noticed that the LED light in SL#1 was lower than SL#2 and the plants in SL#1 are shorter more bushier by far while the ones in SL#2 plants are really displaced as far as their sizes. Some short some taller but not as uniform as the other superlocker.


Not sure what I should be doing as far as cropping and what not. Any help/comments appreciated.


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Well heres an update. I've had plenty of problems. Last I left off here I had the spider mites and mold problems. I was finally able to get some SNS 217 & 244 and attack. The 244 was very effective in eliminating the mold. It was very fast as well. I notice results the next morning after applying the 244 the previous night.

As far as the spider mites. That's a different story and success was not and has not been achieved. Problem may be that I have not taken the plants out and sprayed each individual one making sure to get underneath the leaves and such. I have treated them twice but because of the inaccessibility to the plants and the under leafs, there still are some spider mites there.

My plan of attack for the spider mites has a lot to do with my newest problem. Some other kind of bug. Black very small almost microscopic. Must use some magnifying glass to see. I have no idea what it is but I've place a small container of water inside the growing chamber and these bugs are prevalent inside the chamber. I have taken several pics of the bugs maybe someone could tell me what the hell they are.

Well for these bugs I have tried to use the SNS 217 on them but it doesn't kill them. So I decided to get some Neem oil to compliment the treatment of 217. Hopefully this will kill all pest. I really want to eradicate any pest before I go into the flowering stage.

On another note, I am conhtinuing to design and slowly purchase equipment. It's kind of hard because I like everything big and also the
best of everything but at this point as I am literally living from paycheck to paycheck. However I have some new additions that will soon
be added to the let me call it the "Buy As You Grow System".

I wanted to get the Max Grow Pro 12 bucket system. It's like $1900.00 or something like that, really expensive! So as a cheaper substitute
I've ordered the Class 5 Ebb & Flow 12 bucket system. If anyone knows of any enhancements or modifications one can make to make this system
more effective or efficient please let me know. I chose this system because #1 I want big plants #2 supposedly they have analyzed the flaws
of the Cap Ebb & Flow system and have improved upon it developing the Big Boy and Class 5 series of Ebb & Flow systems. Any input what so
ever appreciated.

Of course this system won't fit in my 4 x 4 tent so I scored a 5 x 10 grow tent. I've even started cleaning out my garage as I am wondering
how everything is going to fit but I'll tackle that.

I have now finally secured the first of the Procyon 300's. It's on the way. I believe this is the first LED grow light with programmable lighting with usb and memory. Evenutually I will have at least 2 of these bad boys to compliment the 2 Procyon 100's in the 2 superlockers.

I ran across a deal I couldn't refuse and bought it. It's a 2 x 2.5 flood tray. This same unit I have seen at local hydro stores and on the internet for $269.00 - $295.99. I scored it brand new for $29.00. $54.00 including shipping. I bought the twelve bucket system but I have 14 plants total growing in my Superlockers. So maybe I'll use the tray for the additional 2 plants or perhaps I'll sell my 4 x 4 tent, the flood tray, and the 2 Sun Systems 150w grow lights as a package deal on criagslist.

All in all my plan is starting to take on some foundation with the new equipment on it's way. My plants are now in their 25 day of vegging inside a couple of now getting crowed superlockers.

Question: Would it be bad to veg the plants for another 30 days? I hope to get new equipment up and running and flower in the tent. However I will only have one Procyon 300 to work with until about 30 days when I get another one. So I have considered a couple of options.

Option 1: Set up the twelve bucket system but only transfer 6 plants to flower. Flower for 30 days, get the new Procyon 300 and add it to the system, add another 6 plants bringing the total to 12 (Remember I have 14 plants) At the same time I can either start some seedlings or clones in the superlockers. Can't quite figure out the timing with a continual harvest but hopefully after my first grow I will have some idea.

Option 2: Just continue to veg in the Superlockers for another 30 days.

This maybe preferable as I still do not have the fan and filter system for the tent yet. From my understanding the smell comes when the plants are in the flowering stage. Another thing I am adding to the tent along with the LED in 30 days is the fan and filter system. So if it's not bad for the plants it wont hurt me to wait. Certainly don't won't
my neighbors or the mail man getting a wiff. Well I guess those are my options that all I can think of. Any suggestions?

I've already secured some seeds and will use some of them for my next grow. 10 Pineapple Chunk, 10 Blue Kush, and 5 Ken's GDP.

But anyways here are some of the latest pics including the newest bug I have encountered. I've placed a container of water in both chambers and there seems to be some kind of population building up. Here any advice.

Some of these pictures are about 11 days old and show the plants with mold or evidence of spider mites. Most of this has now been taken care of but the fight continues.

Strange Bugs

New Flood Tray

New Pics of SuperLockers Procyon 100's with Plants

Newer Pics


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you asked about co2 and a continuous monitor for hydro.
i have ordered this regulator
Extoic CO2 Injection System Regulator Grow Room Hydroponics Flow Meter Control

i have ordered this dispersion kit to disperse the co2
they also have a 1-2 lamp kit available as well

i have ordered this continuous ph monitor it is portable and can mount with velcro

i hope this helps you

It sure does help! That Co2 disperser kit was something I simply gave up looking for. Now that I know where to find one I can put it back into my plans. I can channel Co2 to all three locations cool.

The price you found for the "buy now" for the co2 regulator is ridiculous compared to almost $100.00-$200.00 from most other other retailers out there.

Looks like I'm going to get that portable pH meter as well. I will soon have 3 different growing chambers and can't afford 3 different pH meters. However with this one I do have the option of ordering extra probes and place those probes in the chambers and just check pH on the fly manually with the device at each location.

Thanks King John

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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.
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