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EATON - Preble County law-enforcement officials declined to talk
publicly Monday as they turned information about Friday's fatal
shooting by a police officer of a 23-year-old man over to detectives
from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

Montgomery County investigators, called in by Preble County Sheriff
Tom Hayes, also said they would not talk about their review of the
shooting by a member of a Preble County's emergency services group
- -- officers from a number of police departments who are trained to
handle drownings and hostage and other situations.

However, it was anything but quiet outside the Preble County
Courthouse, where dozens of friends and relatives picketed and said
that police were covering up what happened to Clayton Jacob
Helriggle, 23, of 1282 Ohio 503 South..

The protesters disputed police claims that Helriggle had a gun when
he descended a stairwell and was shot by a Lewisburg police officer,
whose identity has not been released. Friends and relatives on
Monday carried blue plastic cups similar to the one they said
Helriggle had in his hand Friday night.


Police said they confiscated a small amount of marijuana, pills,
drug paraphernalia and quantities of packaging items used in the
distribution of marijuana.

The four roommates said they smoke marijuana from time to time and
that they had marijuana pipes in the house. Bradley said he had a
prescription for Fiorocet, a codeinelike painkiller, for a bad knee.
They said the packaging police referred to was a box of plastic
sandwich bags.


Pubdate: Tue, 01 Oct 2002
Source: Dayton Daily News (OH)
Copyright: 2002 Dayton Daily News
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