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DP Blueberry Fem - LED/HPS - Canna Coco

Sir Budlovski

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Hey everyone, sir budlovski here and this is going to be my 3rd grow with canna coco and my first grow using HPS for flower, LED for vege and most likely a little bit of CFL supplement lighting.

Strain: Dutch Passion Blueberry Feminized

Medium: Canna Coco, perlite, vermiculite, propagation sand, clay balls.

Nutrients: I'm using Canna coco A+B, pk 13/14, PH down and possibly some cal/mag to come depending.

Lights: for vege I'm using a 180watt LED, she was started under CFL, and for flowering I'm using either 400 or 600watt HPS.

Well that's good enough for categorizing so far I think. So I started under a GLR and CFL vege, she showed female sex last week and I finished my other grow so I moved her into my tent with the LED and chaanged the schedule to a usual 18/6 one. The switch took her by surprise but she bounced back very quickly.
As of this moment im just working with this lady as she grows since I havnt quite figured out if I should scrog her or if I should just keep training her as much as possible, since I don't have a great waste tray so watering while she's in the scrog net won't work out too well.
I'm not sure how old she is atm since she really was just a side plant for a few weeks until I had a change of heartand decided to just grow her out.
This grow my main points of focus are on PH levels and feeding dosages, since iI've found most strains all like different levels compared to others, so I'm trying to get these right :)
I've probably been caught saying this for awhile but I really want to get a nice looking, larger and heavier plant growing, its been too long for me and while I will be able to do outdoor this year its completely different to having a big indoor lady.

Anyways that's all I've really got for now, so ill post some pics from tonight, just before a little over due watering and ill get back soon with some updates on her progress :)


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Sir Budlovski

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Hey spart thanks for coming along :)
That's a good question to ask, I was just about to post about that.

I'm updating and she got a repot today, she was in a 1L pot and I just put her ina 3L one, I didn't get photos but she has a very beautiful bunch of roots going, some of the best I've seen since using coco.
I have got feeding and watering pretty well arranged now to this blueberry, hasn't shown signs of over/under feeding or ph issues so I'm happy with that :)
Anyways my waterings are all, 2 L which might change in time.

1st feed was-A=6ml, B=5ml with PH of 6.08
2nd-A=7ml, B=5.5ml PH of 5.82
3rd-A=7.5ml, B=6.5ml PH of 5.82

And todays feed was A=8ml, B=7ml PH of 5.72

So she's almost at full strength nutes now without bad signs ill keep her at this strength another couple of weeks and see what happens, the PH drops occurred from nute amounts aswell not tht it matters, I'm happy if I can keep PH at 5.7-5.8.
Also I havnt had perlite in this mix yet but with this repot I finally got some back in the mix so that's good and she's going to flourish I'm hoping.
Only thing that may be a issue is purplish stems but her leaves are looking well so I might leave things go for now.
Anyway here's some photos, sorry Ill use camera next time.



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I wouldn't worry to much of the purplish stem from what I've seen on this strain it's just another variation of phenotype. I might start another journal for the next terrace one gonna be a really late Barney's seeds LSD :p LOL.:MoreNutes:


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Well autoflowers I can easily do all year long on the terrace actually had better results earlier in the year the plants seemed to stretch more and developed more nodes. now in the summer it seems that the plants are smaller with closer nodes and bigger buds but i think the actual weight was better in the early months of the year. The seed I'm planning to pop says should be done around mid-end Sept/beginning Oct so she'll be thrown into flower as soon as she pops. I'm just worried about her turning hermi but i dont think she will.....

My new grass-o-matics are doing awesome i'm really surprised about the growth rate on them but noticed more thrips again I think they're in the trees around here. :( I thrip hunt daily and buy spray but nothing seems to work. I just gotta stay on top of them.

Sir Budlovski

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Ah that's awesome then atleast you get to constantly use the outside free light :)
Yeah even here its rough going putting them in while actually summer, maybe the first few weeks you'd get away with it but once it gets going its just to hot and hard to keep on top of.
Ahwell I reckon you should be fine will just depend how hardy it is but she'll pull through for you :)
Good to hear mate, those bloody thrips, real a-holes I feel ya pain on that I think half the time sprays are useless and eventually they get immune to them most of the little pests.
I dunno if it'd even help but peopl find that true sticky traps help might not help with your situation though

Sir Budlovski

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Well I had to snap a couple pics and post a small update.
Its only just reached 24 hours since transplant and she is thriving already, no signs of shock no drooping and lots of new growth which is awesome, I always wonder though when you read things and sometimes people say they will nearly always have shock for a day or 2 if not more, nearly everytime I've done it they just keep going. I dunno weird anyways I'm happy with her and now I just need to figure out exactly what I'm going to do with training, might let all limbs grow abit then thin her out and choose which parts to train not sure yet but I think I've already gone to long for scrog and well I like spending time training so all good :thumb:

Also I'm going on yet another mushy hunt tomorrow in a location I've chosen so wish me luck haha
I cantvwait to see people on them, dunno if I want to though.
If we find any I might share some pics on here ill just wait and see.

Anyway Heres her pics(last phone ones I promise)


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yeah i know what ya mean about the transplanting. I think that depends on how root bound they actually are i can see if they are wrapping around the bottom already but if done soon enough mine don't ever slow growth. The leaves on mine were curling from the heat a bit today got in the high 30's today

Sir Budlovski

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Yeah I think your right there, while her roots had taaken over most of the old pot they were still healthy and I think I got her at a pretty perfect time.
Yeah that will do it to em, I hate it in our summer here and you have a whole heatwave over 40 and you don't wanna go outside but you have to to water them, last summer a few of mine suffered from to much heat between watering days.

I checked her today and shes looking beautiful, I did a little trimming, removed a couple of stray branches and removed a few problem leaves and now ill let her rest for awhile more unless she gets outta control nd I have to tie her down abit.
Still debating on weather to do some clones or just use the one girl for the whole tent but if she keeps up growing rapidly I think ill be better off with just the one.
Its early to say this aswell but next grow if I can do one indoor will be a tent full of bloody skunks, maybe 6 because like I've mentioned many times everyone loves it, I don't mind the high and well its a beauty to grow :)

Sir Budlovski

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Couldn't you start a few autos in there like two weeks before switching her to flower and they should flower all at the same time

I was thinking about that but ill usage to order the seeds in and I wasn't really impressed with the autos on 12/12,however I could just do some more 12/12s, I think I'm pretty comfy with one plant for now though just since I havnt done it in this tent yet and last time I had the SC, 12/12s and autos all together she got way to crowded. I could take some clones soon and just flower them under my stray cfls, just for taste testing buds and something inbetween harvest.
This is why I need a second tent, so I can have a nice perpetual grow happening haha

Sir Budlovski

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Nearly forgot, today's a watering day, 4 days since the last, I'm trying to keep it to every 3days but sometimes you get something distracting you.
When I water at 3 days she is constantly growing with new light green shootsbut like today on day 4 the moisture drys up and she's taking in almost all nutes and her growth slows and while still growing its a lot slower, then if I hit 5 days between feed she gets droopy and slows a lot.
So I'm at 3 days watering but ill see what haappens as she fills out this pot.

Today I dropped nutes back to A=7.5, B=6.5 with a PH of 5.84. I dropped her nutes just a little to see how she responds and to help ease her into a full feeding schedule.


Sir Budlovski

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Hey all just thought of drop in another update but a little different because this will be one of the first times I've used camera pics on this journal or any of my other journals really, finally got my act together and just did it.
Gave her the same feed 3 days later and perfect timing, ph of 5.87 this time so all good.
One thing I noticed and dunno if I mentioned it but I need to get a new spray bottle, last one broke and this poor lady hasn't had a spray since I started her but ill be getting onto that.
Not a lot to add other then she's getting dense and bushy and at this rate I'm Gunna have to be on my game training her and trimming up which isn't a bad thing :)
Here's some photos

In this one her you can see her female parts :)

Sea Horse

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I have six Blueberry (regular seeds) seedlings, all very new and each with their single set of leaves. I've grown before and I use fluorescent lights (4' bulbs, half full spectrum bulbs and half cool white) to get them started and switch to HPS when they get a little size. After looking at your plant, I'm interested to know at what point did you snip off the apical meristem at the top of the plant. I might give it a shot with a plant or two on this grow and see how the yield compares to just growing them without pruning.

Sir Budlovski

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I have six Blueberry (regular seeds) seedlings, all very new and each with their single set of leaves. I've grown before and I use fluorescent lights (4' bulbs, half full spectrum bulbs and half cool white) to get them started and switch to HPS when they get a little size. After looking at your plant, I'm interested to know at what point did you snip off the apical meristem at the top of the plant. I might give it a shot with a plant or two on this grow and see how the yield compares to just growing them without pruning.

Hey mate :)
Sounds like a good little setup you have yourself, I like the cfl setup your using I used to use similar spectrum setup when I was still using them.
Just a little curious and got a couple if questions for you, how's the strain turn out, are you a fan of it? And how does this strain go in regular variety, do you get many males or anything?

Now as for the topping, snipping thing, well I did it abit later then I usually would this one would if been snipped at about 5th or 6th node from memory, however usually I prefer to do it at 4th node because like you can see on my lady she's got quite a long stem from ground to first few branches.
If your going to do it as a side by side with your others then is say top atnode 4 or 5 then like what you do in a flux train those to branches opposite directions till your happy or until you want to flower then just let em bush up. Oh yeah and once they've grown out abit after topping then I usually go and trim any littler shoots off the main stem to get focus ion the new growth areas. Up to you though really but from what I can see already this strain likes to be trained, dunno what will happen for yeild but there will definately belot more nice fat cola buds from keeping the canopy even :)
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