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DPG's Indoor - Promix HP - First Time Grow Journal


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Hello Everybody.

This is my first "real grow". I've grown outdoors in the past but it was just for fun, never put much effort in it, just let them do their thing. I am starting this journal late (week 2 of flower), I'm hoping to figure this out so I can do a journal from start to finish on my next grow.

What strain is it?
They came from a bag, possibly girl scout cookies. I lost track after the first set of seeds failed, may have germinated some random bag seeds.

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
I am currently in week 2 of flower. These plants veg'd for 7-8 weeks, until they showed sex.

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?
ProMix HP

If soil... What size pot?
Solo cups, moved to 12 inch pot, moved to 5 gallon fabric pot.

Size of light?
Veg'd with 450w Vipraspectra for first 5 weeks. 300w Vipraspectra added to help out with remainder of veg.
Flowering with 450w HPS and 450w Vipraspectra.

Is it aircooled?
Hood is air cooled, exhausted to the attic with 4 inch fan.

Temp of Room/cab?
Between 72 F and 82 F. I'm constantly adjusting the AC and heat, I try for 77 F.

RH of Room/cab?
Usually around 60%, try to get it lower but I don't want to spend on a dehumidifier yet.

Any Pests ?
None yet.

How often are you watering?
When needed, about every 5 days.

Type and strength of ferts used?
General organics Go Box.


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These are the 3 I choose keep. Wanted 2, but I really liked the look of the 3rd plant, and it was smaller.



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I'm planning to take them down this week. Trichomes appear to be cloudy. I'm not sure if I'm seeing any amber or if its brown hairs reflecting through the trichomes. Gonna have to get them in some natural light. Over the weekend I upgraded my exhaust from a 4" to a 6", moving alot more air now.

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