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DPS Seizes Tons Of Marijuana Last Month

Jim Finnel

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A number of traffic stops made by Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) Highway Patrol Officers, along with seizures made by officers assigned to the agency’s Criminal Investigations Division resulted in the confiscation of more than 8,000 pounds of marijuana during the month of July. The traffic stops were made at various locations throughout the state.

“We feel it’s important to report these numbers on a monthly basis to show the magnitude of the drug trafficking problem in Arizona,” said DPS Director Roger Vanderpool. “We are continually proud of the work performed by our agency’s Highway Patrol Officers and Criminal Investigators as they take drugs off the street.”

Most of the marijuana seizures resulted after the deployment of canines with DPS or the U.S. Border Patrol to search vehicles suspected of transporting illegal drugs.

DPS Criminal Investigators seized 4,000 pounds of marijuana, half of the month’s total for DPS, on July 25. Officers followed a tractor trailer loaded with marijuana as it traveled from Nogales to Phoenix. That was the largest one time seizure of marijuana in July.

As a result of DPS’ tireless effort to dismantle and disrupt the criminal organizations that manufacture, grow, transport and sell illegal drugs, communities in Arizona are becoming safer places to live.

The mission of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, one of the most dynamic state-level law enforcement agencies in the United States, is to protect human life and property by enforcing state laws, deterring criminal activity, assuring the safety of the motoring public on Arizona’s highways and providing vital scientific, technical and operational support to other criminal justice agencies.

The department, also one of Arizona’s largest law enforcement agencies with some 2,200 sworn and civilian employees, consists of four divisions - Highway Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Criminal Justice Support and Agency Support.

The Department is headquartered in Phoenix and has offices located in more than 80 communities within Arizona’s 15 counties.

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