Dr. Grinspoon

So early this morning one of the main colas was completely frosted white, with about 20% amber :)

So i snipped - pic doesnt do it justice - ill upload the dried pic in a few days ;) (this nug is about 5 " long)

Im so confused.. Ive always dreamt of tight thick buds, yet this DR Grinspoon is enthralling...I cant get enough!!! WOW!!!

It's just so damn, next-level dank, whatever the buddage! And deceptively tight! :Namaste:
It's just so damn, next-level dank, whatever the buddage! And deceptively tight! :Namaste:

Spot on Barney! looks like crap to be fair, but these nugs are still dense!

Wet weight is usually irrelevant, but it was 5 inches on snip day and weight was 15.6g, ill shoot for 9 dry ;)

the whole plant will harvest over an ounce easy.. and considering this is a bonsai, im stoked with the yield, its just a shame the larger they become the bud spacing is even further apart?

It is truly next level like barney said - minuscule buds, minimal stemage, stacks of sticky resin, high as a kite after 2 tokes on a single papered spliff!
Morning everyone!

So today is week 13! Day 91! 95 days + is their recommendation, i think it is gonna finish bang on 95 :)

After a sneak peak in the humidor the bud smells fantastic, WAY more fuelly than the last grow, Very lemony but real skunky too!
The downside is that it has lost a shit load of weight, expected 9g from that nug, i doubt ill see 4 - :/

The Resin is insane -so sticky - smoke report for this.. I cannot wait, just rubbing my fingers together get my receptors wet.

All good though, i think the end dry will still give me a dried oz ;)

And i have a couple of crankers going on at the moment!

Onyx Auto-flower and Utopia Haze.

Ill start a new thread when they are a good 6 weeks into flowering :)
Smoke report - ha erm outstanding erm superbo - all in all just a brilliant sativa for daytime, literally cerebrally stoned with an intense speedy effect.
For nausea and appetite alone it's brilliant , I use it to focus much like a person with add, the high lasted for 2-3 hours
Taste is basically as described only this time it's way more fuely!
Out of 10 I give her an 8 - I think if I backed of the N more I would have gotten more purple nugs - I love to get stoned, but getting high is an amazing thing!
I will upload the dried pics with humidor in a week or so. But this journal is done 420 peeps! :)
Thanks for the journal, BushyBro! :bravo:
Hi everyone.. thought id share with you the 3/4 dried stage.. just about to go into cure..

currently the stash weighs 36g fingers crossed for 28 :)

The fruity skunk smell at this stage is beyond words!

SUBBED! Never seen a Dr Grinspoon I did not like and I love yours <3

I would love to have this strain but I can not grow it out here she flowers for a long long freakin time! I hear it is also one of the strongest plants out there and a hell of a tribute to the Dr.
Here we go- Fully dried!

Smells like lemon skunk - super potent, my house stinks!

After a few days cure its really enhanced the taste and smell.

Smoke report for this is off the charts, i was out of it for an hour at least , just dreaming, but the buzz is still on and im doing heaps of stuff!

Dried weight 24.3g - so not the full bag but good enough for an outdoor bonsai - ive far exceeded the quality i produced the first time and i honestly think my Dr g is better than any coffee shop ive had it in!!


will continue to cure for another month, ill upload reports then etc..
Pure sativas are a thing of beauty!
I would rather grow landraces simply because their genetics are in everything we smoke these days -
If I'm gonna cross a plant it may be a white widow hybrid with a dr grinspoon it would be pure bliss!

I am done ranting now haha
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