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Dr Gundam's - 8000W Veg - 7000W Flower - Soil - Perpetual Grow - 2014

Dr Gundam

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Yo whats up world! I have just finished constructing my basement grow. It will be about 8000w HID lighting total with 7000 in the flower room. Have got some seeds in soil and all thats left is to fill flower room with equipment! Here is a little info and will be adding pictures shortly!

-I will be running a multitude of strains at the moment have 48 seeds with over a dozen strains that I will be sexing before saving strongest plants as mothers. Remaining Females not chosen as mothers will be put into 7000 watt flowering room.

Soil - Drain to waste
-At the moment using promix HP but will be transitioning to roots organic or sunshine pro mix 4. Dont like the promix.
-5 Gal smartpots
-Bio Bizz Nutrient Line
-Dark Energy

3 Rooms (All with 7 ft ceilings)

Clone/Mother Room
(9x6ft) 75-82 degrees
- All Fluorescent Lighting (see Photos)
-6" Inline Exhaust Fan

Veg Room
(9x8ft) 75-82 degrees
-1000 Watt Hortilux Super Blue MH
-3 150 watt Kessil Blue LED
-6x4ft Tray Below Light
-8" Air cooled Raptor Hood
-2 Vortex 8" Fans (one for hood one to exhaust room)

Flower Room
(21x10ft roughly)
-7000 Watt Hortilux HPS
-4 250 watt MH Bulbs Free Hanging between lights
-7 8" Raptor air-cooled Hoods
-4 8" Vortex fans cooling lights
-2 10" RAM fans exhausting room
-1 10" RAM fan with HEPA filter for intake

Dr Gundam

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Clone/Veg Room Outline

David Bowman

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