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Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Feminized in perlite advice?


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Planning on doing an indoor 2.5 x 2.5 area grow. In a hempy bucket style with perlite. With a 300w led grow light. My previous grow was outdoors in a bucket using soil. I should state that on that grow. I studied what to look for from looking at plant leaves. I bought mostly separate supplies like bloodmeal, bonemeal etc etc. Feeding it what it seemed to tell me what it needed. So this indoor and perlite grow is a bit new to me. I'm looking for advice or things to watch for on this grow. I picked this strain because it's supposed to be a strong plant that can be a bit forgiving if I mess up a little. If that makes sense.
My main concern is what to use for food/nutrients. How often etc.

Chris Scorpio

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So u have no nuts yet?

I use AN Sensi ph perfect nutes. No need to pH water if it's under a 7.5 or so

Been working great for me. I did add some Calmag to a few late in flower but you may not need it, just depends on the plant

All mine currently are in Hempy, well 2 autos are in dirt
Love the Hempy, easy and I'm getting great results

Holler if I can help
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