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Dream fluorescent sog closet

Wild Heart

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I have a 8'x6'x2' closet that im going to build a platform at 4' to cut it in half horizontally. Using 2 6'x2' fluorescent lights one for the top and bottom half you can fit 75 2L bottles filled with coco with drainage holes and have the bottles in rubbermaid boxes for drainage. Thats 150 pots. So say you go 12/12 straight from seed I would most likely be using big bud seeds and to make things easy lets say everythng is female and pops out a zip dry. Thats 9.3 pounds in a closet if my maths right and im not that high. And yes i know everything wont turn out 100 percent I just wanted to make the math easier haha. Comments ideas or reasons why this would be dumb as shit?
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