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Dream Weaver's Easy Kief Maker

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Here's a method that I use to shake larger amounts - this method works wonders in minutes. Another member suggests that one should also put a few plastic or wooden beads into the jar to help agitate the material...I've also used small chunks of main stems to serve the same purpose on more than one occasion and I've noticed that it helps keep the screen free of trichome buildup as well.

# 1 widemouth canning jar. The more trim you have, the bigger it should be. I use the quart size. They are also available in pint and gallon sizes. (*tip* - check the local thrift stores for cheap jars)
# Silkscreen - 150 microns is a nice size
# Trim
# Change (currency) to knock off the trichomes

Place trim and change into the canning jar. Screw top ring (without lid) over the silkscreen onto the jar. Shake, shake, shake your way to funk-a-licious goodness!
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