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Dreaming reality


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i had another dream, please tell me here is real.
what is this feeling that i feel?
i sleep at night,
only to fight.
in my sleep im in the hospital, looking all around.
total silence except my heart beat, the only sound.
a doctor comes in to tell me hello, says my mother is here,
my eyes start to tear.
not again. they tell me, my mind needs a place to go.
my mind must give me, something to show.
my family is always kind to me,
they cry and tell me i cannot be free.
i keep waking from a coma, they tell me i cannot stay awake.
they say the life i live is a fake.
sometimes its ok, some times it is bad.
its the worst nightmare iv ever had.
so often it comes, i start to wonder,
is my mind taking a plunder?
sometimes i get angry, and i try to leave,
they force me down, pull up my sleeve.
stab me with a needle and off to sleep i go,
and here i wake wondering if this is really a show.
this time my family asked if it was time to pull the plug,
they say i keep failing, waking less and less. a hole in my heart they dug.
i heard the doctor say,
she will never be able to stay.
so is this reality? some times i question,
i wake once again with indegestion.


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Very beautiful poem, but at the same time I don't know what to think. It's so deep, so expressive.

Is the poem something to admire or something to escape?

Very well written though, whatever your inspiration may be.

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