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Dresser Flowering


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I had my girls in my closet for a period of time but ive been driven to the point of having a stealth grow.

Thustly, I created this:

This is my flowering room for 2 little LSTd Indicas. Doesnt look impressive and flowering height will be a definite problem due to the fact that ive got about 5" of height until my buds contact my lights(which will be bad...). Ive got a few tricks up my sleeve, as i will show later... Here is the rest of my operation, from the inside...





There ya go! Id be more than happy to share details of my dresser. As of yesterday, my plants are 2 months old and have been flowering for roughly 4 days.
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Thats pretty damn creative. Were the lights on when you took the first picture? If they were then bravo, you can't even tell the lights are in there.


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Oh yeah. Those lights are one, all right. There is a faint glow from the back due to light coming from the venting. I need to design a way to stop that too... I need a light catch... I used silicon plumbing caulk to fill the light leak spots, then put 4 coats of flat white over. There is NO GLOW in the dark from the front of the cabinet. It took a shitlaod of work though...


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its bagseed and my lights have been on 12-12 for about a week and a half.
Its 4 days since bud formation started.

14 days in flower then. This is helpful info when you know how long the flower cycle is on a certain strain.

As for the light leak in the back, all you need to do is create a chamber with a bend or two or use a filter. Dryer vent hosing would work too.
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