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Dried up tincture residue


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I'm using a a cold method to make green dragon (decarboxylate, then soak in 190 proof Everclear for 4-5 days, and then strain through a coffee filter). I get great results except for one thing. After a few months, when I get to the bottom of my tincture bottle, the last bit is just a dried residue. I'm not sure if the alcohol is evaporating or maybe I'm getting some solids coming through and that's what is left. I guess I should add some more Everclear to try and rehydrate it but I'm wondering if that would dilute it and mess with my calibrated dose.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Not a QWET guy, but I can tell you that if your Everclear was evaporating during the time you were using it, your dose was changing anyway. Do you shake the bottle before you use it each time?

I would add a few drops of Everclear to it and give it a shake. I have no idea what the dose would be :).


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Thanks. I ended up breaking it up with an ice pick and then adding a bit more Everclear. Worked fine. I think I need to work on my initial filtration. I'm getting too many solids coming though.
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