Drink More Water When You Smoke Cannabis

I never drink enough water, I'm going to have to start forcing myself to drink more H2O... It's just so... flavorless.
That's probably the funniest line I've read in a year. I'd be laughin' loud if my husband wasn't fast asleep.....
Thanks for starting my day w/ endorphins and glee!!
I tried doing a gallon a day and its tough.

I usually just keep a gallon near me during the night and any time I am lazing around the house, as then the options are, "Drink this water or nothing at all." and it often fixes the issue of no taste, or the "oh I have something better to drink" dilemma. I figure all else fails you can always choose a strain of cannabis to have that makes your mouth really dry and only buy water for a while, haha!
I tend to eat more fruits and raw veggies like lettuce. Big salads. I drink RO water because of our water softener. You can always mix in a a soluble mineral product like greens plus or gatoraid (not the bottled stuff too much sugar).
After. When waking up from sleep or nap drink 10 to 12 ounces of room temperature water. Same goes from waking up in the morning 30 to 45 minutes before having breakfast. Or what ever it is you do when waking up in the morning.
I drink about 4 litres a day !! Can't get enough of it, we're made of this stuff people - water is life, especially after ripping in fat cone
128 oz daily is extreme. You must be spending your entire day on trips to the bathroom! 64 oz is doable.

I couldn't agree more. In fact, we can poison ourselves with too much water. It's like my fat friend that wanted to 'get in shape' so she really over-did the exercise part and ended up injuring herself. Just wasn't worth it. "Balance" is the key to everything in life! :)
I'm so baked

I found my activation email and got access to posting......all to post on a thread on a random weed blog to say thanks for the info! I think I'm gonna drink more water and hopefully it'll help with my dizziness every day:thanks::high-five:
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