Drink More Water When You Smoke Cannabis

That's great. Just don't over-do the drinking and....do remember to keep it up every day because we do forget as time goes on.

They say...drink half your weight in ounces but that even seems a little steep to me so if I'm even a little close I'm happy. :)
Great post, I have given up all carbonated drink, caffeinated drinks and produced juices, and alcohol 20 years sober.with the Exception of one Friday cheat a week , usually coffee, I'm now over 6 months into this experiment and will never look back. My over health has improved more than I could have ever expected. I drink between 4 and 6 / 500 ml bottles of water each day. H2O is the way to go cheers and thanx for spreading the good word
I agree whole-heartedly with your cheat-day (Friday) as it gives you something to look forward to and doesn't hurt you a bit. I think people trying to lose weight should do the same, because losing weight is so hard to do, but having a cheat-day can make it do-able! Thanks for your good post!
Another issue with 'dry mouth' that often occurs with some people is dental issues. I have PTSD and Chronic Regional Pain, the horrible meds I have been taking have caused all my teeth to fall to pieces. In 18 months my teeth went from being just grand to being 'like Swiss cheese' (Dentists words), I have had 13 teeth removed and need a lot of remidial work done, its costing my a clean fortune. It was one of the main reasons I have decided to ditch the pills and grow some meds for myself. Another tip - don't sip water, gulp it down. Your saliva is there to protect your teeth and gums, as you sip, you wash away the saliva and leave your teeth open to decay.
As for drinking lots of water, the 8 glasses a day theory has recently been found to be a bit wanting. You should drink as you need it, avoid sugary drinks and drink big gulps. I live in Oz, we get seriously hot spells, you need to drink a lot, especially if you do vigorous activity.
Stay frosty friends !
Here's a Tip for dry mouth at nighttime... XyliMelts. Looks like a pill but you just stick it to a tooth and it prevents dry mouth by encouraging saliva production. Works well for me. Find it here....

XyliMelts for Dry Mouth, Mint-Free, 80-Count Box

Its says to use two but one does the trick for me (and some other reviewers).
this is good tips for everyone. now I increase my water intake after I smoke. And yes, much better than before. Thanks for this greatness.

Don't forget you can drink before, too, to get a head start on hydration. Heed stonerdude's warning: "I'm so high that I don't really know what's going on right now." If you're that high, you might forget to drink!
I was just being funny. Most people would tell you I drink more coffee than I do water ;)

But even if it did not count as the same amount, it would have to contribute somewhat to your daily water intake. After all, it's just water run through grounds.... it's bean juice haha!
However, definitely not a main source of water by any means.

The only problem is that coffee is a diuretic, IT dehydrates you...so your 3 cups of coffee would demand additional water, (quarter cup?) to flush it to allow hydration....makes sense to a smokin' shovel operator.
The only problem is that coffee is a diuretic, IT dehydrates you...so your 3 cups of coffee would demand additional water, (quarter cup?) to flush it to allow hydration....makes sense to a smokin' shovel operator.

The latest studies show that coffee has a mild diuretic effect at best. Coffee initially received the bad rap based on study conducted in 1928 with (if you can imagine) with 3 test subjects.
85% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated. In 47% of Americans (especially the elderly) the thirst mechanism is so weak it is often mistaken for hunger. Even MILD hydration will slow down one's metabolism as much as 40%. One glass of water shuts down hunger pangs for almost 100% of dieters. Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.

Lack of water is the #1 cause of constipation. Lack of water is the # 1 cause false signs of dementia or memory loss. Dehydration mimics heart attack symptoms. Water clears the complexion and removes impurities from the body. Water aids in & improves digestion. 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for 80% of sufferers & lubricates joints

A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short term memory, confusion, trouble with basic math and difficulty focusing on computer screen or printed page. Drinking 5 glasses of water daily, decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45% plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer.

If You Wait Until You're Thirsty, to drink, You're Already Dehydrated. Water regulates your body's temperature. Elderly people often feel chilled in the heat because they do not drink enough water. You cant depend on thirst as a signal to drink. Having a dry mouth is a later sign of dehydration. Only as dehydration progresses do you notice that you're thirsty. In addition, the thirst sensation also diminishes with age so you may not know you are thirsty.

Becoming dehydrated can be serious enough to cause a stroke!

"Most of us do not drink enough water, and as a result, our blood becomes more viscous, increasing the likelihood that a clot will suddenly form at the site of a plaque formation."
- American Medical Association

How do you know you are dehydrated? Symptoms include :

Dark urine (may have a strong odor)
Inability to urinate
Dry mouth and nose
Nausea and vomiting
Dry mouth and tongue

Dehydration Symptoms in the Elderly:

Dehydration symptoms in the elderly can be different than in young adults. Medications that the elderly take are much more likely to lead to dehydration in that population. One particular symptom of dehydration more pronounced in the elderly is poor skin elasticity. When the skin is pinched, it holds its form rather than returning to its normal shape.

How much water have you had today?

This is very educative.
Growing up in the subtropics and living most of my life in the heat I have always appreciated drinking plenty of water. There are a couple of points that i’d like to raise. One is water intoxication which occurs from drinking to much water over a short period, this can be leathal. Two is drinking reverse osmosis filtered water or distilled water, both processes strip valuable minerals from the water. If your water supply has a high risk of contamination then by all means run an R/O system. If you get plenty of magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and others then you should be ok even if all you have is distilled water. Luckily I have very clean well water, tested regularly, that taste delicious.
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