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Drink More Water When You Smoke Cannabis

MR sHibbZ

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Drinking lots of water is also a great way to prevent getting kidney stones, a horrible experience I had to endure last Christmas. PAIN beyond imagination, I've broken bones before too, and the pain from those were NOTHING compared to kindey stones. Drink an assload of water people! And keep on toking the sacred plant :ganjamon::peace:


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is is especially important for the elderly to drink plenty of water
my father was severly dehydrated for 3 days and he started to have odd hallucinations


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Well, SeXy VeXy has a point, however, once you pour Water over those
Coffee beans, through a filter, a new substance is formed, Coffee, which
has many alkaloids such as Caffeine that influence the body as a stimulant.
My Chinese Doctor told me Coffee is good because it cleans the Kidney's.
Back to the issue of Coffee, I believe, only Water has the capacity to cool
off the system, like putting water in your cars radiator & regulating your
body's system toward homeostasis. :smokin3::
Coffee is a diurhetic (sp?) Your only dehydrating yourself more, 3 cups of coffee and 3 cups of water==No cups of water.


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damnn i drink tooo much water...i reallly live by watter have been scince 2005 the hottttest summer we had and havent been able to put it down scince LOL


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You're very right! Water is VERY important. If you are drinking bottled water try to get water purified by Reverse Osmosis as it removes a bulk of the chemicals in water which is better for you!

Coffee, Kool-Aid, Tea and all that, though it is made with water, does NOT count as water. Exactly as it was put earlier, caffeine is a diuretic and therefore can cause dehydration. Though it can be ok, only in moderation. Also you must remember that you have to have a certain amount of sodium to help retain some of the water, but not too much because you don't want to retain too much water. Too much water drank, can be a bad idea, too. I've heard that a more accurate amount of water is half your weight in ounces rather than 10- 8 oz glasses. Also if you sweat a lot, you can sweat as much as one liter an hour, which means you need even more water!

Also if you drink alcohol, you should drink 1 - 8 oz glass of water for every serving. A serving is a 12 oz beer, or a 1.5 oz shot, a glass of wine, etc. The water should be drank in between servings, but definitely before you pass out! So if you drink a twelve pack on friday night, it would be easier to drink a glass in between beers than 96 oz of water after you're done, plus if you vomit you'll need even more water. Also the water will help you from vomiting and a piece of bread before and after drinking absorbs excess alcohol and helps reduce the risk of hangover and vomiting. Just a little tip I picked up a while back. :)

Stay hydrated!


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8 Glasses of water I wouldn't have any room left in me for the food. I tried that once and I felt like a water ballon, but I was preg at the time. When I was preg with my 2ed child I was not as good with my diet and water drinking however and I passed out when I was 7 months along and was rushed to the ER I truns out that even though I didnt feel thristy I was dehydrated and had to lay in the hospital bed for hours on an IV untill they felt I was ok to go home they said If I didnt come in I could have really hurt my babe. Water is good.


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8 Glasses of water I wouldn't have any room left in me for the food.
Well, the most common misconception is that you feel hungry when you're really just need water because dehdration can feel like hunger pangs. You should realistically drink half your body weight in ounces of water though not just 8 or 10 glasses of water. And if you sweat then you need to add more water intake, depending on how much you sweat. Your body can lose as much as 1 liter of water an hour by heavy sweating. The problem is the majority of people are chronically dehydrated and don't even know it.

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