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Drink More Water When You Smoke Cannabis


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Being a newbie, I forgot about not linking so I have to remove the links from the above posting but do a quick google search for "watercure" and "curezone watercure" and you'll find some very interesting info and I suggest it to all who cherish their health. Stay hydrated!


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thats interesting but i was wondering if there was anyway i could get water from the tap verse going out and buying bottles of water.. what about those water filter things that u put on your sink is that as good as bottled water, how do you know bottled water is any different from tap water


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Buying a tap water filter would probably be just as good as buying most bottled waters out there unless it's filtered by reverse osmosis or maybe distilled water.

The best filter you could buy for your home would be a reverse osmosis filter as it removes something like 99% of chemicals and stuff found in tap water. However, they are not as cheap as one you could buy and just stick on your water faucet. Unless you buy a revesre osmosis filtration system for your whole water supply (something like $1500) you're still going to get chemicals from simply bathing. I would love to have that, but I don't at this time.

Most bottled water like Aquafina, Dasani, Nestle is just tap water that has been filtered. Mountain Valley Spring Water is supposed to be a very good clean water though. I have a Brita water filter on my sink. I know there are better ones and I will get one as soon as I can.


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well i was not planning on spending 1500 on water at the moment lol but yeah i have seen this reverse osmosis thing on water jugs before ill try to buy my water whenever it says that and yeah im thinking about buying that brita filter thing in the near future


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Right, I hear you. I'd like to get one, it goes on the water supply to your house to filter showers, sinks, etc. though. So it realistically would be a good investment, but I know I can't get one at this time.


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about a month ago i started drinking 3-4 liters of water a day. I have to say, my life greatly improved. I felt like I had a lot more energy all the time.

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water is life i work out side doing hevy construion and have seen and expereanced heat stroke first hand all i no is you must drink plenty of water and not soda or beer to keep your body flushed i go threw mabey three to four litters a day at work and at home we have a water cooler becuse the tap water is funny tasteing**


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Yea, i always keep my fluids up.. i have about 11/12 cups of water/non carbonated beverages a day..
its also good for your urinary tract, and for sexual function.


Smart. I just about have a big cup of water by me when I'm watching t.v or on the computer. Instead of chips or soda. Good habits lead to a good life.
But hey what I'm I saying. Lol. I enjoy soda. But I know when I am drinking water that my body is having a party inside!


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Gratitude for this great post! Thank you all for sharing your thoughts!

Small inputs about drinking water from the yogic perspective-

- The most important time to drink water- when we wake up in the morning; preferably before drinking coffee

- To drink more water, try not to taste the water.

- Drink water from a copper cup- the water is energized. This can be actually experienced as a change in taste.

- Put a good intent into the water before drinking it, i.e, more happiness for myself and the world; may this day be good etc. Water is energy. Thought is energy. Reality is this energy too!

The ultimate high in life- to get drunk on water!:)


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great info. never knew you need that much water to stay normally healthy.
i usually drink 3-4 cups a day :/
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