Drink More Water When You Smoke Cannabis

I totally agree i have been drinking good amounts (16 or more glasses) of water a day. Now that I have my roommate doing the same we both feel alot better and are more flexibility to go out everyday, rest well, eat good and not feel muscle, bone, fatigue or hunger/ headache pains! Thank you all for the useful info and reinforcement!!!! :Namaste:
Some questions....

1) So unfiltered tap water doesn't help us at all?
2) How do I replace the minerals I need after filtering them all out of my tap water?
3) If I drink 8 glasses of water a day, how many of those should I put fresh lemon into (to alkalize my system)?
4) What's the best water bottle...Britta or something else?
5) If the water is in a 5 gal water container, will the chlorine dissipate?

Thanks for this really great thread! :)
i'll be honest this is the most common sense thing ever, yet everyone at some point or another forgets just how important it truly is. Thanks for the reminder and some scary stats to get me drinking water like champ again :)
Okay, I found the answer to my first question. Typical city tap water is perfectly fine to drink according to Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of "Your Body's Many Cries for Water". That's good to know. I do know that some suffer from very hard water in their city, and I'm not too sure how to deal with that except for maybe using a filtration or soft water system.
Ummm drink your water with natural nutrition.

personal blenders are awesome. (ninja etc) or make a lot with (vitamix, blendtec etc)

every day morning health boast

1-2 cups water, 3-4 tablespoons of dried Goji berries. stir and go have a shower while goji berries soften. in the water.

after shower come back and add 1/4 - 1/2 of a washed lemon....skin, seeds and all. , freeze the rest for the next day.



Add frozen blueberries to sweeten further if need be.
Following bladder stones after a long chronic illness (celiac), I always set out 32 oz. water each morning and make sure I drink the whole thing. If I vape a little, I add more. The question is, how much is too much? I had a "holistic" doctor tell me that I should drink 80 oz. of water per day. That didn't last long, I needed a mobile restroom. :)
I bet it's the potassium like in banana.they say to eat a banana before exercise to prevent cramping in muscles. Not sure but that's interesting.
I do know firsthand that bananas work for getting rid of those cramps and yes, it's the Potassium that helps with that. Just hard to keep bananas on hand all the time and they don't store well.

I 'thought' I read that magnesium helps too for cramping but don't know for sure. And the 'Mineral water' we can get at the store...don't know if those small amounts of minerals in it can actually help. I just wish they had a 'Potassium' pill to take once a day or once a week would be nice. :)
90% of pills go out the back door. I think your body absorbs very little. A potassium tincture might work better if there is such a thing. I just started using this sea kelp seasoning as a salt alternative. Kelp works great to boost minerals in plants as well. I do think you should buy it at the health store rather then hydro store if it's for human consumption.haha.
It says it does.but if you like salt it won't cut it.I use both. I know it's fucked up. Cuz that shit is for people who want to lower blood pressure.but not me I was just adding mag.
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