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Drip clean during One day flush in between weeks


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Just some quick background, I'm running an ez cloner and have gotten to the point of running 1/4 strength nutes (about 250 ppm with tap water having 130 ppm) and have been doing a res change and one day flush once every seven days. I run the whole h&g nute line and was wondering if running drip clean on this one day flush. The idea is it will clean up the roots so when i do add nutes the next day they are more easily absorbed. Complete noob but i have done my best to do my research and understand the process. unfortunately now learning by trial and error. hoping for less error

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Hi kick,
I am a soil grower so I can't really help. Sure someone with a better understanding of hydro will help you out soon though.
Have you thought about making a journal? If other hydro growers are following along with your journal it's more likely you will get answers to your questions quicker. Just include hydro noob in the journal title, and that should attract the attention of the hydro gurus.
Happy holidays:).


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more info?
you cloning or have seedlings in there?
gonna keep it in through the whole grow?
yes make a journal we can follow pls and put link in your sig
you can get there through your user cp towards the top left on the webpage
then once in the user cp scroll down on the left theres an edit sig add the link for your journal in there so when you post people see the link in your sig and can follow it to your journal
but would be good to get a little more info on whats going on in the ez cloner and what the plans are
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