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Drippers on while germinating?

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First off - thanks for taking a look and, hopefully, providing some useful advice here. I've switched over to more of DWC style setup for a grow-in-progress. I've successfully germinated 3 seeds for this grow (Blackberry auto, Tangiematic auto, Blue Treacle auto) and have PH balanced out my rockwool cubes. The seeds have gone into the soaked rockwool cubes and I'm wondering if I should leave my drippers on during this stage. I don't want to sog the seeds out - they have about 1/2" taproots out. I'm just unsure if the rockwool cubes need the drippers on 24/7 at this stage, or for 1 minute every hour, or not at all. Any advice?

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I wouldn't run a drip with rockwool it can hold 20 times it's weight in water you drown those seedlings fast personally I just give them a few ml every day till u see roots in the water then I never top feed after that