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I have a drip system, the drippers are sorta given me the shits. I have two plants (see pic) each plant has two dripers going to it with 4L per hour dripnozzles, so I guess this means each plants getting 8L per hour. The drippers are placed so as to drip onto the rockwool the clones came in which I put into an expaned clay medium in 28L pots. I have tried to keep the dripprs positioned so they drip on the edge on the rock wool. The problem is they keep movin position and Im not sure exactly how much water (nutrient solution) they should be getting or where the drippers should be placed(theve been in for a week and going ok except for the problem in my previous thead, which I think is heat stress) . I have a bit of algea growin on top of the rockwool cause its always wet but the rest of the medium is a dry I spose case all the water is going though the center of the pot. Can anyone suggest a better dripper or way to get water to the plants ? Am I giving enough nutient solution a 8L p/hr? Should the rest of the medium be wet not just the center where the plant / rockwool are? I have some pic from my previous post showing setup, Cheers:



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