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Dripping yellow from my pipe


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I bought this glass pipe with an octopus on it recently but after a few hits, yellow water started to drip out of the mouthpiece. Someone told me the weed may have been laced with PCP and the yellow was the PCP dripping out, but I've tried other strains in the pipe since then and the yellow keeps on dripping. There's yellow paint on the inside of the pipe, so it's very possible that's what's dripping out. Is it unsafe to use? Is there any way I can get it out and still use this pipe? Was it just a waste of money? :439:


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I don't think anyone can say for sure, but I would stop smoking out of it immediately.


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Doesn't sound like a good idea to smoke from it anymore. But what makes you think there is paint on the inside of your glass pipe? :11:
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