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Dronabinol and Nabilone? Share your first hand accounts 420!


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:)High and hello everyone out there in 420-land! :)

I am currently stuck in a state that doesn't have medical marijuana and since I am living with relatives, plant form is out of the question. I do not wish to defy my parent's rules in their own house. No matter how asinine they may be.

So! I have a doctors appointment to see if I can obtain either a Marinol (Dronabinol) or Cesamet (Nabilone) prescription to help with eating and nausea. Just so we are clear, I am asking for personal experience (or second hand would be fine too) of people who have tried these medications. I can look up facts about them on wiki/ google/ etc... But I would really like to hear your all's take on these meds.

Please state which one you have used, how it worked, and if you do not mind sharing... Your prescription dosage/ how often you needed to medicate. If you have experience with both medications, I would love to hear a comparative! Also, post anything that you may think relevant to these medications worth noting.

I admit the idea of Cesamet scares me a little, it being a synthetic cannabinoid... And since they are both outrageously expensive, it really makes the decision between the two difficult...

For some reason I feel like if I do not state this again it may dominate the thread... Cannabis is out of the question. I have read many things saying plant matter is superior. If I had access I would not be trying for a marinol prescription.

Thank you in advance 420-People!:thanks:


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Hello 420 people! :ciao:

Well! The day of my appointment has come! I now have a prescription for Marinol. The doctor I visited didn't know much about Cesamet... However had one other patient on Marinol. I will be picking up a 2.5mg pill in a 60 count. This is a "trial" amount. She said to play with the dosing so we could figure out if the 2.5mg, 5mg, or 10mg prescription would be appropriate... And boy is this stuff expensive!! With a pharmacy discount it comes out to $300!

I will be posting my experience with it in this thread. This is not the ideal treatment for me, I would much rather have Cannabis (for its other properties which include anti-inflammatories).. But that just isn't possible here. Not for me anyway!

Hopefully it will not take more than 2 pills at a time! Haven't had a smoke in about 2 months so I should be tolerance free! Wish me luck!:peace:
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