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Drooping leaves, possibly root bound?


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This is my first grow so bear with me. It is a skunk #1 auto about 80 days old, the pot is about 4gal, the temperature is between 25-30C (about 80F) and I've been watering it pretty much whenever the top layer of soil starts to go dry so normally every 2 days. Can anyone confirm if this plant is root bound, all the leaves apart from the newer ones are drooping to a degree and if so is it worth transplanting it with it being close to finished? (packaging estimated 60-90 days). In fact does anyone see any indication of how much longer this plant has left?




David Bowman

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It does appear to be root bound and you should transplant it into a larger container ASAP. I would even go with something bigger than what you have next to it as you do not want to have to transplant it again. I'll bet the entire root ball is white with roots. I do not see any obvious evidence of flowering yet, closer photos would aid in that determination. Nice looking plant though, it should really perk up after getting more room for its roots.
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