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Drooping leaves

u check for parasites? could be sappin ur plants energy. effectively killing it. check it out with a magnifying glass close.
we need a little more info to give you more info....ie.where are the spots forming and how do they spread from there.Could be a fungal issue(rust or blackspot)or a nute issue.will watch for more info...patience is a virtue dude!
alright people, can anyone let me know why my plants leaves are drooping at the ends and why little brown patches are appearing
OK so i am a total noob ...my girls drooped overnight an i was horrified ...read a few posts that suggested that they where dry so i checked and yes they where dry .. i thought i was providing enough h20 but apparently not so i flushed them added slowly to saturate the soil and sat and watched over about 20 mins and lo and behold i could see the leaves standing up and filling out ....i was so cool

Hope this helps