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Drooping plant? Nervous first-timer!


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Ok so honestly I am probably over analyzing but hey, it's my baby! I'm sure y'all understand

I watered her yesterday, it got over ten hours of direct sunlight and is planted in good soil outside.

Today the leaves seemed kinda droopy, especially in the middle sections where I have a few larger leaves, it is just the weight of the leaf? I stuck my finger down in the dirt and after about an inch it got cool and moist'r.

So if I'm not mistaken, I'm not going to water today unless later the soil is dry 2 inches down,
Did I over water it yesterday? The sides of the leafs aren't hard crusty brown or bent, just down.

How much water should I feed her per serving? It's in the ground so I don't really have run off

Does it sound like I'm over watering? Is this just natural for small to medium size plant to do this while the stem develops more??? She's about 1.5 ft tall


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i like to water 3-4 gallons(buckets) every 2-3 days(depending on the weather) .. give her some veg nutes when you feed her next i normally give my babies 4 Tablespoons for 4 gallons of water.. but if you have not given any nutes, i would use 2 tablespoons just to start her off
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