Droopy and Shrivled Northern Lights


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I'm a first time grower and my plants are growing quite fast.
But they just dont seem great. They dont seem like they're dying but, not very healthy either.
I grow in soil under a nice lamp in a confined space.

This leaf is a bit droopy.

Small yellow spots on the leaves and leaves a bit shriveled.

Close up

This leaf is a bit dry.

And this moisture... does anyone know where it comes from? I've never sprayed my plants with water, so it must be from the plant, but why?

I hope you can help :)
take a few pictures from far back that would help. The upclose is good but we need reference and the color of whole plant...

But my immediate reaction is Thrips, bugs... Also the leaves look unhealthy, calcium def or the like...
Need the photos from back a ways to see the problems in perspective...
my guess was gonna be bugs,,,, look on the under side of the leaves with a 30x if ya got one... i hate bugs.... my northern lights had them too,, the strain "might" be prone to them,,,
Take and post some more pics from back about 6 feet. WHERE the plant is suffering
is a vital clue as to whats wrong...also post the temp of the garden space and PH of soil (do this by watering til it comes out bottom then test PH of the water)
Good luck
The wet leaf is sweating, its too hot. I had that happen all over my plant to the point they were dripping because of 90's F, not good especially under a HID. How is your rh? The yellow spots make me think bugs, and the curling leaf margins make me think mag. def. either that or they are curling up while they transpire to try and lose heat. how are they doing now its been almost 2 weeks. If it was mag. they should be looking worse like yellowing and browning edges starting from the bottom. Good luck bro
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