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Ok so noob grower here. I have an that I have had for 2 months just put into flowering...she is doing amazing.
I also have a Strawberry cough clone with droopy leaves.
When I bought here she had burnt tips(nutri. burn?) Yet the leaves where at least sticking out.
Now she is all droopy what should I do?
She is in a custom PC grow box. 3x 1200 Lumens 5k CFLs
2 PC Fans for Intake and exhaust
I use a DWC with a 13/gal pump I have the air stone directly below the plant net
Full Strenght nutri. 12-6-6
Light Cycle 24
Avg temp of 75-80 in day and 65-70 at night.



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Nice algae patch :thumb:

You really need to get the growing medium covered up as the light is creating from ya nutrient feed...

More than likely your symtoms are of over fertilization, if the stem of the plant is soft that may well be a sign of to much nitrogen.

By the way, you can stunt your plant growth with 24 hour lighting... its not as good as people make out to be.


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Have you got a reading of your res temps and ph??
The first picture dont look to bad just a bit of nute burn and algea.

First full dose of nutes is to much for them drop it to 1/4 strength and run ph'd water through the medium in the net, 24hours of light is to much give them 18/6 max.

I dont like diagnosing probems with bare minimal information on the grow but at first signt it looks like they are drowning, too much water. You have had hot air temps, make sure your res temp stays below 70degrees Fahrenheit at all times, Nothing cooler than 55 degrees too. Too hot and algae grows. Too cold and growth stops.

Your res has had a spike in temp and has caused your lil ladie to stress move your lamps a little higher, drop your nutes and try keeping your res at a constant temp, she should be in recovery mode once you see problems improving and new growth you can start to think about upping her feed again.
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