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Dro's Og Kush SoG 2011


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Hello 420 family, this will be my first SoG attempt using flood and drain/NFT system. since my last grow i have been starting to adopt the KISS method, that plenty of people keep telling me. i was planning on running 40 girls crammed together under 1000w HPS and use defoliation to keep the light penitration at optimal range.with that said ill run through a lil breakdown of the setup.

1x 2x4 flood table, on DIy stand
40x 4" rockwhool cubes on top of 3/4" coco mat
1x 27gal. tuff tote w/ lid
1x 450 GPH submersible pump for flooding
1x 200 GPH sub pump for constant water movement in res.
1x 4" 170 cfm light exhaust fan

now to some info on the gils

What strain is it? black forest OG
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? percentages?Hybrid 70/30 sativa dom.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? no veg straight to flower
If in Flower stage... For how long? will be flowering for 8 weeks/56 days
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro
Size of light? 1000w digital greenhouse
Is it aircooled? aircooled of course
Temp of Room/cab? temps never below 68* and never exceed 78*
RH of Room/cab? 30% +/-
PH of media or res? Ph kept between 5.5-5.8
Any Pests ? not as of this moment
How often are you watering? watering is set for 3 mins on and 6 hours off, will be watering more often the bigger they get.
Type and strength of ferts used? GH flora series + cal/mag. ONLY! no additives, enhancers,boosters, etc.
that should cover the basics, if i misssed anything please ask away. couple pics to show the girls on there 1st and 2nd day of transplant, so far its looking very promising IMO

tables a lil under half way full

shot of the res. at 1/4 strength for now

the new babies getting their feets wet

next gen mothers to left, sog babes on right

and a blurry shot of the mums after a couple cuts were taken

mums and the babies

so the plan i am looking at is to "eventually" keep a perpetual harvest of 10 plants every 2 weeks. after watching a couple other SoG's im spectulating atleast 10g's per SoG plant and at 40 plants, 10 every other week...well you can do the math lol im not sure if im over or under on the weight per plant but im trying to expect low and aim high, at only half G per watt. unfortunatley only way to know is to actually give it a go. i feel i have done enough rambling now. if there was anything i missed please feel free and speak up:thanks: for stopping by

HaPpY GrOwN:roorrip:


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Update day 4 of flower for the first 10 got 5 more plugged in today so far so good. Got a couple random saliva babies from a buddy of mine, was gunna use em for the next mother but without a doubt the new clones had sum spider mites starting up. So happy I saw them before pluggin them in. Did a dull water change lastnight from 1/4 strength to half strength nutes. I'll have sum pics up later tonight or tomoro.



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Yo drofosho i wanna watch da sho! So whats you know? Id love to watch yo grow bro! Im a FTG(first time grower). Ive got a harvest going in 7 weeks! Cali kush and train wreck!

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