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DrRosko's Automatic Red Poison - Organic Soil Mix - 2014


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I am excited to begin my first grow journal! :blunt:

Seeds have just gone into the plastic bag as I prefer the paper towel method (see pics to follow).
Out of the pack of ten seeds all of the successful germanants will be placed directly into 5gallon air pots for the duration of the grow complete with my homemade soil.

Here is the recipe.. It has also been supplemented with a few lovingly giant scoops of Crab and Lobster shell waste as well as some Coco Fiber. Woooooo! Pics on the way!

- 6cuft Black Gold Soil
- 3cuft Sunshine Promix Soil
- 2-3cuft Premier Peat Moss
- 1/3cuft SteerGro Manure
- 5lbs Mexican Bat Guano
- 5lbs Jamaican Bat Guano
- 4cups Soft Rock Phosphate
- 2-3cups Azomite
- 2cups Gypsum
- 6cups Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Bone Meal, Greensand, All Purpose Granulated Fertilizer, Humic Acid Ore, Feather Meal,
- 2-3cups Bloom Granulated Fertilizer.
- 9cups Lime
- 4 cups Blood Meal
- 1-3cups Epsom Salts
- 2 sandwich bags full of eggshells crushed/powdered

The plants are autos with a two month finishing time from seed. Sweet Seeds of Spain is the breeder and the product is amazing. Check my gallery for pics of a single RP plant from an old grow. I think this will be quite dialed-in given my experience with this strain and its LED setup.

Conditions are as follows.
1. My ballin' soil!
2. One DS-XML-350 LED
3. 6' one-piece Light Rail
4. 4x8' Secret Jardin Tent w/carbon filter output and passive intake
5. Well water with a pH near 8
6. RO water for bioreactor teas, flush, and foliar sprays
7. Soil pH around 5.9 (see soil analysis to be posted within 24hrs)
8. 10 ungerminated seeds (pics to follow as stated above!)
9. 10 5 gallon airpots

I will be on the lookout for Root Aphids as I have this pest all up in my grill.

I will show beginners and vets alike how to grow organic automatics with LEDs.
Should be fun! Lets hope all these seeds make it!!!


Feel free to ask questions and clarify anything I missed.


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Auto's just what I need to know about
I got 10 @ 3 weeks , 3 AK ryder , 3 Amnisia ,4 Trans Siberian in coco al autos


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Here's the update.

First pic is seedlings under dirt being watered in.

Next is a few days later. With this picture being taken today.
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They are a little leggy, but that's because I can't get the light close enough at the moment. They will be moved into another area with better light by this evening.

Here is the SOIL TEST Results!


FFOF on the left, me on the right. If anyone wants to chime in with some observations feel free.
Here's what I think.

-I need some more manganese
-I need more calcium

Later in bloom I use more Phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
Not sure if I need anymore of those in the beginning.


devils letuce

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damn it went south !!

yea next time plant autos in the same pot you are going to finish them in!!

are they still alive ?


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Yeah, I only still have them because I pollenated them for some seeds.
Might be able to pull a clone-only plant from the batch at the very least.

Last time I started it in a smaller pot and it worked. But lesson learned, never again!



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I started a newer/better/more successful journal for anyone willing to check it out.. :rip: RedPoison :rip:
I have the seeds if anyone cares enough for a pic. They look GREAT! Biggest seeds I have ever seen.
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