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Drug Agents Marijuana Seized

Jim Finnel

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A man swiped a pot plant from the back of a pickup truck that turned out to be a vehicle used by an undercover drug agent, leading to a chase through town.

Two Rumford men, Travis Child of Peru and Jeremy Belskis, both 20, were arrested Wednesday afternoon after the chase ended at Child and Sons Auto Sales. The arrest was made by two uniformed Rumford officers while a plainclothes agent stood by.

Child told the Sun Journal newspaper in Lewiston that they'd seen the pickup with marijuana plants in the back and that he hopped out of their car and swiped one of the plants at a stop sign. He said he just wanted "to know what it was."

The pickup gave chase and Child said they were initially fearful that they was being pursued by a drug dealer.

"It was a bad decision on our part," Child said. "It was stupid." Both men were released on cash bail.

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