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Drug and Alcohol Addiction by Anonymous

Julie Gardener

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction by Anonymous​

I started smoking pot when I was 16 which was back in 1969. Unfortunately, I also started drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, and doing chemicals. Over the years, things got really bad. I am one of the blessed ones, however. I cut down on chemicals first. There came a point in my life where getting "high" just wasn't fun anymore. The alcohol came next. That took 3 times in detox and one bout with the DT's. Not fun at all. The rest of the chemicals were eliminated next. The cocaine, the crank, (thank God, I was far enough away from drugs that I never tried crack - don't know if even I could have beaten that one), the heroin. Then came the cigarettes. That one was almost as hard as the alcohol.

The only thing that has saved me from going back to an unproductive, depressed, negative life is marijuana. I now use this blessed herb to keep me focused on what is important. My family, myself, my God (don't freak out over the use of this word - I personally like the Amerindian term of the Great Mystery better), my brothers and sisters, my earth. Marijuana was given to us by God and no man should ever be able to take away what God have given us. It is only greed - the politicians and the pharmaceutical companies- that keep marijuana from the people. It is time the people take back what is theirs.

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