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Drug bust team take silly suds to cleaners

Lord Mong

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CROOKS attempting to smuggle cannabis with a street value of £400,000 into Britain were cleaned out - after customs officers discovered the massive haul hidden in packs of WASHING POWDER.

At first, the shipment from Johannesburg in South Africa seemed whiter than white.

But it was suds law for the gang when officials at Tilbury Docks, Essex, noticed an odd rattling noise coming from some of the 320 packets as they were being unloaded on a pallet.

They then found 70 of the boxes each contained two kilos of cannabis resin.

Customs spokesman Steve Hazell said yesterday: "Drug smuggling is a very serious offence that has a significant and damaging effect on all our communities.

"We will do everything in our power to disrupt those smuggling drugs into the UK.

"No arrests have been made yet but our enquiries are ongoing."

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