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Drug Free Group To Oppose Medical Marijuana

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
There is a new group forming to oppose medical marijuana here in the Inland Empire. This group is nothing more than a front for law enforcement as the general public is strongly in favor of medicinal marijuana. The fact that neighbors are not going to neighborhood association meetings or city councils and complaining about the mmj patients in their neighborhoods speaks volumes. In addition when we make presentations before city council there is hardly ever anyone from the general public in opposition to us. If we were such a problem, they would be there in droves.

The fact that law enforcement is trying to put up a false front of public support against the medicinal use of marijuana is par for the course. It is always law enforcement operating in the background and threatening our elected officials with dire consequences if they don't do what they say. These threats include law enforcement unions not giving re-election campaign money or even worse giving money to candidates opposing them, withholding the coveted police endorsement on their re-election campaign material and even threatening them with arrest for violating federal law if they do anything to help mmj patients.

This local group is being funded by the Office of National Drug Control Policy with your tax dollars and so they will have the money that we don't have to work against us. We will be watching what this group does and will keep you informed and what they are doing and what our response will be. I have printed at the end of this email, an article that appeared in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin about their nefarious activities.

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New Member
I thought the whole thing was arraigned to get their "leaders" husband elected to some poltical office.
Paul and Brenda Chabot are names to be on the look out for.
www.paulchabot.com is his web site, feel free to stop by and say hi to him.
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