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More than half the people incarcerated in American federal prisons are there on drug charges, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, and about one-fifth of those in state prisons. This doesn't count people whose crimes were indirectly related to drugs, but it includes people jailed for life for possessing one marijuana joint. Nevertheless, the war on drugs rages on.

Canada's Conservative government is choosing to copy this strategy, which has been failing non-stop since Prohibition. The reason Canada has drug addicts on its streets is supposedly that dealers aren't going to prison for long enough, so Tory Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has a bill to make the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act harsher. Judges have had the discretion to sentence drug criminals according to the evidence presented in their cases, but now Mr. Nicholson wants to change that by imposing mandatory minimum sentences.

For instance, anyone dealing marijuana would go to jail for at least a year if he or she did so in support of "organized crime" ( that is, in a moneymaking enterprise involving three or more people ). That covers just about all marijuana dealers, who are by definition organized if they have one supplier and one customer. Most of the changes are like this.

Some drug users might be exempted from the minimums if they're diverted into special drug courts that focus on treating addicts. But an addict who deals to support his habit, who can't break the addiction despite treatment? Why, what he needs is more prison time, right?

Actually, wrong. This is bad law in pursuit of bad politics, based on non-existent science. Parliament shouldn't go along.

Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
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I have been extremely lucky as to how I've stayed out of jail for pot.The first time I got Pinched I was sitting in a car with this girl I worked with,I had an Oz. of black hash all balled in grams,and the girl had 2gr that I had sold her.All of a sudden a ranger dick is telling us to get out of the car.The girl instantly blurted out that I had sold it to her and had sold manny times to her in the past.When he found the hash he thought it was black tar *****,and told me I would'nt see sunlight for manny manny years.I explained what hash was and the ranger dick had never seen hash before,he even played with it and kept smelling it.I went to court and because the girl had the 2 gr what I had was under the Oz.I got off with AR,and 3years probation.

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