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Hi i got a ticket for possession and have to have a drug test done(drug urinalysis). I have not smoked since Monday night and my test is on Friday which means I have three full days to not smoke. My friend told me that he has had many drug tests and passed them all just by diluting his pee. He even said that one time he smoked the day before and just drank three bottles of water before and passed. I heard about detox and all that but I'm pretty sure they all work though dilution anyways( i think this because there are no active ingredients that would have any kind of effect) plus they are way to expensive. So i was wondering if i drink a lot of water from now till then if i will be fine. Basically I'm looking for some reassurance and some tips on what exactly i should do for dilution(iv basically ruled out any other method.)

A little background info: I'm 5'9 about 157lbs, smoke almost everyday but not much everyday. The usual amount is only like 3 one hitters of a bong every night. I drank more than a gallon today and plan on drinking tomorrow and right before. I have creatine powder because i work out and i heard that it helps during drug tests.
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