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Drug test tomorrow

Whitee Widoww

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Hey guys, first off im new and want to introduce myself. Im from MD and 19 yrs old and probably been smoking by force of my brother since 14 lol.

Well anyways im not a heavy smoker and maybe smoke 1 or 2 times a week if that. Anyhow I have a drug test tomorrow at 12 and am curious if you guys think i'll pass. last time i smoked ago was 10 days ago and took 1 hit cuz I was drunk as fuck and ready to go to bed, and at disc golf 2 hits out of my friends bowl. Like I said i'm an occasional user and I was curious if it benefits me or if its irrelivent and doesn't matter.

Im 19 6' 4" and 290 pounds and i've heard for bigger people THC stays in your system longer. but ive recently lost 22 pounds and worked out a lot and only have been drinking water.

So all in all do you guys think i'll pass the Panel-10 test and what I can possibly do on very short notice if you dont think so.

Thanks in advance


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Dude I'd try calling around some head shops even if there far away and look for some urine cleaner. I have saw "Terminator gold" work, its a drink.

Also The "Qix Fix" synthetic urine works too. I used to keep some in house in case I need to get a job. My buds all took it off me now for their jobs and I rarely piss test myself these days.

Also as a last resort start drinking water now! lots of it. keep drinking until your piss is clear then drink some more. Then when you getup drink some more and then once your about to take the piss test let out your final water piss just a few mins before your test. Hopefully you can dilute it enough. This one guy I knew used this method on probation. Just water!


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Not much time to do anything unless you can get your hands on some synthetic urine. Best bet will be to dillute and hope for the best.
Drink about 24 ounces of gatorade the morning of the UA
Pee 3 or 4 times
Then use your midstream urine for the collection cup.

Doc Canna

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Your last 30 day frequency of use would likely be most telling. The fact that you have had a recent weight loss is not to your advantage either given the 290 lbs that you still carry. A weight loss will expel "old" thc that is stored in your fat. You didn't say if this was a monitored UA drop or if it was an pre-employment drop. Usually workplace random drops give you no chance to prepare. I agree all you can really do now given the several unknowns that you did not include in your post and with such short notice is dilute your system with water and hope. Remember do not put the first part of your stream in the cup and do not put the last bit of your stream in the cup. Your first morning urine will have the most chance of getting you busted so make sure you drink enough water that you urinate at least 2x before you go in. Urine must be clear. Some testers will do a Ph balance test and will reject clear urine. Probation officers will reject clear urine on occasion, insisting on yellow urine and they are equipped to test for masking (cover up products) agents. Some masking agents and food supplements throw up a red flag as the urine will look florescent. Also important to know the cutoff level of the test. Probation offices use screening methods with like 10 ng as a cutoff. Lab tested urine can be much more thorough. Make sure you get back here and post your results so we can test our knowledge. Good luck.

Whitee Widoww

New Member
Sorry for not being as thorough, it was a pre employment test and i woke up a couple hours before the test and drank about 5 waters and pissed about 4-5 times and went in there and pissed for about 5 seconds then filled it up. they said they would tell me the results in 2-3 days but I hope I passed lol. I drank a cranberry juice the night before to do at least something. And to follow up on the weight loss I have been pissing white since Ive started so it's been dilluted for a while except a few soft drinks on a cheat day.

Any extra comments be great, all I can do now is wait and pray. Hopefull im ok
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