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Drug test (urine) in 1 week


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Hey people, i need some help ;)
The thing is that for 3 weeks a go i smoked like 1-3g im not really sure how much it was, wasnt more than 3. Well next week I started to drink water. I took 30 cl each hour, I did that for 7 hours a day in 5 days. and the weekend I drinked alot of Pepsi, then no tests showed up.. I didnt drink for 1 week. Today i got warned that test is in 1 week. Before those 3 weeks it was like couple months ago, before 2011. Now im drinking water again, I drink 60cl each hour now, Il do it for like 17 hours until tuesday, and of course I work out 1 hour a day for 5 days. Will I fail the urine test? If yes, tell me another good idea to get quicker rid of THC or should I just cheat on it with clean urine? by the way, it was like 5-6 drags in joint, and kinda a lot with hookah :Hookah: , hookah was mixed with fruit tobacco.
I'm 5.60 feet tall (1,71m) and weight 154lbs (70kg)


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You should be fine so long as you werent a heavy smoker before you stopped 3 weeks ago. I am a daily smoker and it took me 6 weeks to get clean when I had to test last year. A few years ago I used to get tested 2x per month for 3 months for rehab. I stopped for one month before I started rehab and then I smoked once per week while I was in rehab and never had a problem with passing.
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