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Drug test


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I went for a pre-employment drug test yesterday. I am currently waiting to find out if I passed. I used the Peepack. I will post the results as soon as i find out. This is a good test to see if this Peepack really works. I was a nervous wreck but I took a deep breath and kept my cool. I just found that it was easier for me to conceal since I'm so thin...that's why I chose it. A bottle is a little more of a challenge...Peepack contours to your body. The guy at the head shop where I bought it said that it's a very popular brand along with Urinluck or something like that...for what I needed. I've been saying my prayers...and will be back to let everyone know if it worked.


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:welcome: Blazeripper! Good to have you here. I did a search on the Peepack and it seems to be something that does the job well. Good luck on your test and I hope to hear from you again! :peace:
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