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Drugs Missing From Cannabis Farm

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More than 50 cannabis plants found at a man's home have gone missing, despite a policeman being on duty outside the front door, a court has heard. The plants were discovered at Anthony Loftman's home in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, by firefighters called to an arson attack at the property.

Loftman, 47, admitted cultivation of cannabis and an unrelated commercial burglary, at Luton Crown Court. The defendant, of Spring Road, Letchworth, was jailed for 21 months. Judge John Farnworth also ordered the destruction of his cannabis-growing equipment.

Loftman, who is a Rastafarian, was arrested for the cultivation of cannabis when he returned home after the fire. He admitted the offence in police interview and was bailed with a condition that he did not return to his home while the two police investigations were carried out.

An officer was placed on duty outside the front door of Loftman's council house following the discovery, but someone managed to sneak into the loft via the back garden and removed the plants, the court heard. Pc Katie Tucker told the court: "At some point the cannabis plants went missing." Stephen Akinsanya, mitigating, asked her: "You are not suggesting Mr Loftman went back to remove the plants?" She replied: "I am not." He said: "Some of the plants were as tall as five feet and an officer was on duty on the front door and they have gone missing?" She replied: "Yes, correct."

Prosecutor Laura Blackband told how police were alerted when firefighters discovered the plants in the loft on 5 July last year. An officer estimated there were between 50 and 70 plants in the loft.

Loftman, a rigger and stage technician, said he grew the drug for his personal use to relieve the effects of arthritis.

Miss Blackband said the unrelated burglary was a break-in at City Plumbing Supplies in Letchworth in April last year.

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Anthony Loftman case should be thrown out of court. END OF STORY..!

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How could they convict someone when there is no evidence? He can't be charged with destruction of evidence because no one "supposedly" knows what happened to the plants.
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