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Dry buds


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Hello people,first post here and i hope i'm doing it acording to the forum guidelines ;)

ok so here goes

i have some weed that has been stored in a little glass jar for a while,and for some reason it's started to dry,it breaks easily when i take some bud out...now,i know and have read in this forum of various methods to re moisten those buds,the most atractive method to me so far is putting a lemon/orange peel in the little container...but

how long should that peel stay in the jar in order not to overmoist the weed?


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Re: Dry buds :(

I tried apple, orange peel even a chunk of lettuce but I didnt like how it change the flavor of the buds.
I take a small chunk of sponge maybe 1" or so square and glue it to the top inside of the jar lid. I soak it..press out the extra water so its only moist..then just screw it back on to the jar. It will take about 8 to 12 hours for the moister to absorb back into the bud.
For normal smoking this will keep the bud moist and smoke a little longer than if bone dry. However be careful about keeping it stored that way for long periods of time. You need to open the jars every couple of days or so...even if its only for a minute or so. You don't want to get mold growing.


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Re: Dry buds :(

I use a little humidifier. It cost me a dollar at my headshop and it works great. It's a hbi humidifier.
I keep it in my tightvac with my bud.


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I toss a nice leave out of the grow into the jar. Brings back a little moisture, and doesn't mold up. Well, as long as you are checking it everyday.
Exactly Thats what I've done. Take the stinkiest strain and grab a few leaves and throw them in with the dry bud.
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